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Which of these 5 2022 vehicles are your favorite?

Plus, a 2023 sneak peek: What's your thoughts on the 2023 Ferrari Purosangue so far?


Ever met someone who was wearing a mask and you thought he or she was hot, and then when you saw them without a mask. . you said WTF?

Have you ever met someone when you were single, hoping to meet someone, and even though they were wearing a mask, you saw enough to at least think to yourself, "DAMN! She's HOT!"? Maybe you saw a girl who was wearing a mask and she looked like this: And...


Why is it shallow if a woman wants to date fit guys?

But its ok for a man to date hot blonde women with big breasts? What twilight zone is this?


Why do some people like to live in cold places?

I prefer to live on a sunny beach, so my fair skin is tanned. If you had a choice, would you choose to live in a warm place or a cold place?


Why is my generation so dumb?

Not saying were all dumb but their are a lot of dumb ones out their. Some of them are like giant kids who just need cuddling on a daily basis....


Actors/Actresses that drive you nuts?

Mine are Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler, Matthew McConaughey, Meryll Streep and Rose Byrne.


Are men also ruled by their emotions?

So the joke is women think with their hearts and men with their heads but let’s be real many, many men are also ruled by their emotions. Anger being the main one overall I’d say. I’d guess men are just as emotional as women but simply can’t express it...


Do some people feel proud to have covid or recovering from it?

You guys I know this is nothing to ask on gag but like his behavior sometimes confuses me. I have a friend who didn't have symptoms but hung out...


Was this a warning from God?

I had a dream telling me if I associated with evil people I would be destroyed Does this mean they will try to hurt me or rape me? Or does...


He/she doesn't respond to texts right away. Is this relationship doomed?

I have a smartphone (soon to be replaced with a S21 5G.) I use WhatsApp and Skype. I send text messages almost every day. So, I'm not really a total dinosaur! But I don't send many text messages to my girlfriend. That's because I do a much better job of...


Why do guys mistake casual platonic flirting for interest?

So this happens a lot to me. I’m a fairly flirty person in general but unfortunately it tends to give guys the wrong impression a lot. I’ve had instances where I’m just chatting with someone and he thinks I’m interested when I’m just being friendly. And...


What are some music genre (s) you CAN’T stand?

Honestly, EDM or modern rap music for me lol. It makes me want to bang my head into a wall.


Guys how many do you want or have? And how many kids is too many?

Also if your spouse said that they wanted 4 or more kids plus would you agree to it? Why or why not?


How is iran , terrorist or peacefull?

For real it makes me really upset when i realize there are so many anti iran propaganda in here So here im going to talk about iran and answer some of your questions And before we start sorry about my bad English First iran is the oldest county in...


Is this manipulative or just clever?

Get your date to guess where you’re talking them, and then take them to the first guess.


How do you feel about Bob Saget dying? Died at age 65 in a hotel room in Miami.


This guy told me he didn’t want to see me again then sends me a dm yesterday with an inside joke, is he just being friendly?

Back in Dec, we went out to dinner and talked for 3 hrs. We were in contact via Instagram messages. Later in wk we talked on the phone to buy...


Is it ok for a photo ID (& proof of vaccination) to be required to get into restaurants, bars, and the movies but a photo ID is NOT required to vote?

Reference article: Note: per the above reference article, “Starting January 15, 2022, [Washington,] DC [required certain “indoors establishments”...


Under what conditions would you forgive cheating?

If he is truly sorry and truly wants to be only with me.


Would you become a vampire, if it was possible?

I am watching the vampire series "the originals" and i become so obsessed with vampire aesthetic due to series lol. I also learned some culture about new orleans like casket girls -("The legend of the Casket Girls as blood-draining vampires has circulated...


The guy I like told me he is attracted to me.. should I be happy?

Is this a sign that he also likes me ! Is it a positive sign? I was messaging with him finally told him I like him. He replied “ you are...


I'm not attracted to black men physically, does that make me racist?

I'm a white girl, but I somehow just find black men (physically) unattractive. It's a preference but I don't know if that makes me racist. I don't...


Guys, does it bother you if other guys check out your girlfriend or do you take it as compliment?

If you're girlfriend turns heads does it bother you if you notice it or does it maybe even make you proud that you have a good looking girlfriend?


Would you still support them 🤔 ?

Those of you that support Transgender people, would you also support them if they wanted all children to be put on puberty blockers?


Why shouldn’t men hit women?

Yes we know “nobody should hit anybody” but this ain't Should land it’s realitycheck city and I’m sure we could take em they don’t look so tough most of em aren’t even over 5’5 and they do push-ups on their knees



You guys do realize that race is a series of arbitrary phenotypes, right? Why obsess over a non-scientific biological concept?

I keep seeing ads and whatnot about race and I see questions about race.. it's like you people don't know the scientific community laughs the concept of race right out the door. Again.. race is a series of arbitrary phenotypes. It does not affect your...


Do you find tattoos attractive?

Just curious how many find tattoos attractive or not.


Can girls grow muscle as easily as guys can?

I’ve heard girls can’t grow muscle as easily as boys so it’s put me off, I already have a kind of fat butt but I want to make it more round, thanks :)


Would you ever sleep with your friend?

Would you ever sleep with you friend if both of you were single? Even if you were friends for a long time?


What is going on with my computer?

I had this problem once before when I was running low on memory, and it resolved after deleting several files, but now it doesn't seem to be working. It tells me I still have over 600 GBs of space, so I don't know why it's doing this. I've been...