Getting Hitched- The Good-Ole Wedding Ceremony or Elopement?

Getting Hitched- The good ole wedding ceremony or elopement?

There is something about the idea of running away to get hitched with 'the one' that you won't ever get or find in a wedding ceremony. It goes against everything tradition has taught us- going down the aisle, being handed over, the drunken groomsmen speech, the first dance- to nothing but the thrill of ringing it in secret.

A wedding on the other hand flourishes the event with friends and family in attendance, something blue and something borrowed. It's a dream come true for some- a perfect wedding.

Reasons For Eloping.

Weddings Can be Expensive as Hell.

The average cost of a wedding is $30,000 max. For some this is a drop in the bucket, but for most people. . .yikes.

Since you don't have to pay for a wedding, maybe now you can have a wedding destination.

Always wanted to get married on the beach? In the mountains? In Paris? Well it now will be easier to afford. Your dream ceremony in a beautiful place if you don't have to pay for dozens upon dozens of people, food, flowers and more.

You'll get to Save a year's worth of insanity.

People go creazy planning weddings. Think about eloping as saving yourself from having nightmares over tablecloth patterns and invitation designs.

You won't have to Worry about choosing bridesmaids- or a guest at all.

Which sister will you choose? Wedding planning is all fun and games until you have to choose a childhood friend over a college one.

You can wear Whatever you Want.

Ever notice how a bunch of brides say they want to wow their guests when they see her dress? At an elopment you can just wow yourself.

It will be very hard for something to Go Wrong.

There's only two people to worry about! No rains, no problems forcing you to move a 200- person outdoor wedding outside. No cake toppling over. No maid of honor getting drunk and uncontrollably crying about still being single during the speech.

Whether you decide to wing it or fling it, your vows and your spouse should be the center of priority.


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  • Well I did have a wedding and we didn't spend that much on the wedding. Everything including the clothes for all the wedding party, and the rings plus tickets from over seas (My husband was overseas) was around 10,000K, which my husband paid most of it, I paid about 2000K (Oh yes that also included the dowry of 5000$ and the food was 2000K and the other 3K was for the rings, clothes and decorations.
    We only had 3 months to plan and do our wedding.
    We had my whole church and his family plus my family help with everything. We made our own vows. Our honeymoon was living in Italy for 3 years because that's where he was for work.


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  • I've been married twice and it really determines on the cicumstance. I have eloped the first time, wedding second time (cost under $2000) and was planned in less than 3 months. I would suggest whichever you decide to get married - if that's what you want, make sure that's the person you want to stay with for the rest of your life and that's how they feel about you. If neither of you are not willing to work through the hard times to make it work a lifetime,. then you are wasting your time and money regardless of which way you get married.

  • That’s dope! I’ve thought of something like that too but I’d still want my 2 brothers there cause we are mega close XD

  • Fuck marriage

  • Good take thanks.