A girl, a proposal, and now just a relationship...what does this mean?

I was still messing around with my ex when he start see another girl. He decide to see both of us we were both having sex with him, he was confused on what to do. I was still number one cause I still went to all family events. Then one day after he slept with her we were at his mother house for bar-b-que. We were drinking and when we got back to the house we started talking he proposed I said yes. The next day I ask him if he was sure he said yes later that night we talked and he said he felt that it was not the right time cause he said we went from 0-10 in one day. I felt sad after but I realize he was right we decide to start off as boyfriend and girlfriend again we have been good going to church and family events. Then one day he got drunk and that girl ask to come over and he said yes she want to have sex so he put on a rubber then he realize hoew much he would loss if he went through with it so he told her he couldn't cause he loved me too much. I found out cause I dropped my earring in the trash and had to dump it and so the the rubber. He now feels indifferent about our relationship but doesn't want to break up he say he loves me but he doesn't know if I'm the last women for him. He says he can't make that decision now he needs to think about it so I thought that meant we would take time apart but the next day he called me I am confused what should I do help? would you end it?


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  • From your story, this is what I understand: He got you in the bag. He is contemplating on getting the bird in the bushes and release the one in hand but not sure if he can get the bird in the bushes so he is hanging on the one in hand.

    Ask yourself these:

    Do you think that he is devoted to you enough to not even consider other prospects?


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