Do you think he just wants time so he can sort things out....

And give us the chance that he said he wants us to have?

My boyfriend has come out of a five year relationship and short marriage which he has moved on from and they split a fair time ago. She ended it with him in a nasty way, has moved in with her new guy and cheated on my boyfriend when with him.

He has been through a tough time and I know that but things were going well between us. He said to me on several occasions that he wants us to be together for a long time and he does not want anything to get in the way of that. He has also said that I can make him happy by moving in with him when the relationship is more developed.

All seemed well at the weekend and he said that he is happy and again said he wants us to be together for a long time.

But now he said that he is having a tough time, he is NOT ending things, he just needs to have some time and space to think and be on his own. He said he wants a relationship a lot but not sure if he can handle one at the moment.

He is the one who done all the chasing and asked me out. He is the one who has done most of the talking about the future. He is a very nice caring and genuine person. He only has contact with her with regards to finances and bills from the house and that is it.

From what I have said do you think he is honestly wanting the space so that he can sort out his head and give us the best chance possible?

I am very confused on the matter and would really appreciate you help/opinions and advice. Thank you.


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  • Yes he just wants some time.


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