What do you think of this? Khanistan's bride kidnapping?


Bride kidnapping. It started with a romantic story about two lovers eloping. The man could not afford a dowry so the woman suggested that he kidnap her and made a show of it. The two planned it out together. She stayed with him overnight, suggesting that she was no longer a virgin. Since she was no longer a virgin, she was seen as damaged goods and could not be able to marry anyone else so her parents agreed to let her marry that man.

Flash forward.

That tradition was revived and is now a huge problem. The kidnapping is not planned by the woman and the man, but by the man and his friends. Remember, in the story the woman had a say. In modern scenarios, she has no say.

The kidnapping happens at random. She is usually taken in by a car. The man who is to be her husband is someone she knows or a stranger (which is also common). Once they get to his house, his mother, aunt, grandma, etc. try to force a cloth over her head (and this is supposed to mean "Yes"). If she refuses, they continue to force her until she tires.

If she relents, then she stays the night. The next day, her blood bed sheet is aired to show that she was a virgin and can no longer return home. She cannot return home if she stayed the date even if she did not sleep with him (as her reputation is now ruined), and her parents will usually not take her back. Sometimes, the parents try, but their family members and friends try to convince them otherwise.

Many married women there have been kidnapped in this fashion. It is seen as tradition.


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  • There are many stories of kidnapping of a girl for marrying her. In the past it was happening all over the world, but now it looks absolutely impossible. If a guy and girl are in love and want to marry, they will get help from some of their relatives and friends, they may need not to run away. If kidnapping is done against girls desire, it will create serious problems and guy may lost everything including his life.


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  • as backwards as Fred Flintstone.

  • Yeah, what is Khanistan? A country? A region? A made up word? A spelling mistake?


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