Married woman with 16 months-old son wants to be with me? What to do??

Ok,here is my situation, I truly wish to hear your opinions...

I became the lover of a friend I had in high school that was married since she was 15 years old with HER COUSIN(19 when in high school), we didn't had sexual relations but mostly words,cuddle and subtle stuff. After a month or so,the husband found out and he made her quit the school,her job and took her phone away.

A year later I hear from a mutual friend that she had a son with the husband and in my mind I thought "She must be very happy and everything must be good"

Then, months after hearing that she found me through the internet and started talking to me again(in secret of course). She is now much more "in love", interested and careful with me than she was ever before. She told me her relation with the husband has gone downhill and she has tried to fix it but the husband seems very inattentive and doesn't care much about what she feels. The baby was a random thing that "just happened" but she is very glad of having him because she wanted it.

Now...this is the present, me and her talk a lot and she wants to meet with me whenever she can, even to the point of asking me to sneak inside her house in the mornings while her husband and family is out to work. She says that not long in the future she will break with her husband because right now is just for looks and there's not love there.

I'm going to leave the country in a couple months for a long time to go study and even though I like her and can't resist a hug from her. I feel like I am doing something wrong and even though she tells me her marriage doesn't have any solutions now I feel like I'm the one breaking them up

(even though I know its not my fault and I'm just here because I have what he is lacking big time)

The baby is very loved by both the father and mother and I am not involved at all in that aspect, but the father just forgot the mother out of the equation.

Therefore, what the hell should I do?Because I want to be with her, but at the same time a small yet strong feeling of guilt follows me.

Should I just disappear?

Tell her to fix her marriage and see me when everything is over?


Just keep staying by her side while I can until I leave?

(she knows I'm leaving and she won't ask me to be with her long distance, rather,she says to go study what I have to and when I get back if something happens it happens)

Please help me me out with this dilemma that I bet many lovers face, but that in my case is much more harder because of obvious reasons.


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  • She's married. I would say don't do anything. Where are you from that she was married to her COUSIN and at only 15 yrs. old. You don't really have to tell me where you're from but I am curious to know.

    • I live in US Miami, but she is from Honduras,a country in Center America.

      Him being the cousin I think has a lot to do with why she hasn't left him(whole family watching)

      Also, I think since she married being 15 she never had experience with other males and know she noticed that she wasn't ready for a marriage(she let her first love go past the line and married the guy) What do you think?(Cause leaving her alone will be quite hard

    • I kind of understand why leaving the situation alone is difficult. You probably care about her and want to help her. But, she is married and if you did something you could possibly have that whole family on your back. I do not completely understand the situation the way you do, but from what I have read, I would suggest leaving her alone at least for now. If her marriage can't be repaired and she divorces him just make sure it wasn't, and doesn't look like, your fault. Good luck.

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