What do guys want in his future wife?

im jus wondering how to treat my man he said he feels i dont appreciate him


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  • Men really don't need many things from their girl/wife, but those few things they do need, they REALLY need and are very important. Generally, those are:

    - loyalty
    - love and friendship
    - comfort & nourishment
    - sex
    - to feel sexually desirable and desired by you (not the same thing as sex itself)
    - to be respected and appreciated for the hard work he does for you and (eventually) the family

    A guy who has all of these things will, willingly, do just about anything for his wife, including work himself to death to make her life more comfortable, find little ways to make her happy even if only for a moment, and protect her with his life if necessary.


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  • Loyal
    Attractive (To me)
    Has similar expectations for our children
    Compatible personality
    Does at least 50% of the housework

    If a girl has all of these things, I'd consider marrying her even though I don't plan on getting married in this lifetime.

  • Who respects me for what i am
    Who is caring
    Who is witty
    Who is chubby and bubbly outgoing
    Who makes me a better man
    Who is my better half
    Who is pretty
    Who is a beauty
    Who is lovely amd lovable
    But the one i chase till now got engaged. So i have to see another one with all the characteristics

  • 1. She shares my beliefs.

    2. She makes me a better man

    3. She’s trustworthy

    4. She has ambition

    5. She’s selfless

    6. She’s attractive

    7. She’s smart

    8. She loves me unconditionally

    9. She’s responsible

    10. She gets along with my family and friends

  • To remain loyal and always remain active not lazy member of family. Having family oriented attitude and understanding nature. That's it...

  • Usefulness was my only requirement.

  • Wife? No thanks.

  • Someone I have connection with. Similar beliefs as me. Active and likes getting out snd doing things. Sweet, kind hearted and down to earth. Someone I feel comfortable enough to tell anything to.

  • Loyal, love and caring, cooperative, mature, straight forward, doesn;t hide anything, supporite

  • 1. One who takes care of herself in terms of beauty, health, hygiene etc
    2. Loves to shop
    3. Lady in public, slut in private (3sums, gang bangs & stuff) - VERY kinky
    4. Who's all fem from hair to toe
    5. at least make an earnest attempt in understanding each other (I'll sure go all the way)
    6. More logical than emotional
    7. Has respect for people & things
    8. Doesn't have too many fixations
    9. Knows how to carry herself

  • What do I want in a future wife?

    Think of everything that embodies the modern feminist woman:

    The exact opposite of that.

    It sounds like your man has issues with you. We need more information.


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