Arranged Marriage in India: Rejected because of weight?

Hey there,

This question would be specifically to those who understand the nuisances of an arranged marriage.
I have been talking awhile to this guy my parents 'deemed' suitable for me. He recently sent one of my photographs to his parents, who seem to think that both of us won't look 'good' together because of me being a bit overweight than him.
Well, that seemed to hurt my self esteem and I shot off a sarcastic email to him..much to my parents' 'displeasure.'

Have I acted too rude or in a jiffy?
FYI: I am a doctor and a pretty good one. But these are 'lesser' attributes as one can see. Hehe!


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  • You will find such superficial people everywhere, not just in India.
    I have seen SO many such weird excuses, rejecting because of weight is probably the most common among all.
    As long as you know your weight is fine and its not causing you health problems, I say to hell with such people who think you are "overweight" and not "good enough".
    You don't have to feel sorry for yourself. Feel sorry for them and for the girl who eventually will get married into that family.
    You are lucky, you are not that girl.
    You have a good career. Whenever the time is right, you will get a good husband. Just be very careful in choosing.


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  • I don't understand the nuances of arranged marriage (although I suppose an arranged marriage could be a nuisances as well).

    It sounds like you may have acted rashly.

    That being said, what's wrong with his parents? If you're a doctor, so what if you're a little chunky right now. It's not like it's impossible to lose weight.

  • Yeah probably, but if a guy judges you for your weight why wan't him? Like you said you're a doctor you could do better than him.


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