Turtle or tortoise...what should i call him?

he said he wanted to give us a try...but didn't show any effort...no phone calls, delayed responses to text.. i began to feel lyk he felt he was obliged to respond and was dng me a favour..it was a long distance early stage budding relationship...we had only met once for half an hour...so basically i was tired of him beating around the bush, felt lyk he was just stringing me along..he just didn't know what he wanted...i jokingly told him over text, that he would miss the boat if he moved lyk a tortoise, with a whole lot of larfing faces...he replied later accepting that he really didn't know what he wanted and he didn't think it was fair to hold me back...i just wanted to probe him to make sum move...if he genuinely wanted to make us work, coz i felt we had no relationship, coz he wasn't allowing it...he stopped texting and didn't respond to my last text...is he likely to come bsck? or did my sense of humour make him run away?
what are the possible reasons for a guy to be so unsure before entering s serious relationship?

i did reply to him saying i was in no hurry, and i just wanted to get to know him...after he responded by saying he didn't wanna hold me back..but didn't get a response to that text..he hasn't deleted me bt has ntn to say since then


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  • Because we take a relationship very seriously, maybe thats why it hurts so bad too be rejected

    • isn't a relationship meant to be taken seriously?
      ouch...didnt think of it as a rejection..but i guess it was a coated one

    • Thats a big step for guys

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