Did he expect it to be a "date" or not?

My friend...who is very sweet and kind, asked me to go shoot pool with him, and maybe get a drink afterward...and during... xD

While we where discussing where and how to meet, I proposed we all take a few of our friends, because, as we all know, more people equals more fun. :)

He said that it was okay with him, but when I came there with my friends, he was alone. I asked him why he didn't bring anyone with him, and he didn't answer me really...he murmured something, but it was unintelligible.

We had a blast! It was really fun, but he kinda set himself apart from the rest of us...he's somewhat shy, but once you get to know him, he's incredible.

My friends didn't believe me when I told them it's okay for them to come since it's a group thing, and NOT a date! They think that every time a guy asks a girl out it HAS to be because he likes her (in a romantic way), which is so not true!

And, when the day was over, they still thought it was meant to be a date and I blew it by bringing them with me!

Are they right?

I really don't think they are...but I'm just interested in your opinions. :)

  • It was NOT supposed to be a date!
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  • It was a hang-out for him to try to get some alone time with you...for whatever reason...
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So every guy who voted thinks this was supposed to be a date... xD


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  • It was supposed to be a date! Oh man! I hope things worked out...

    He was hoping you wouldn't bring anyone either.


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  • It was clearly a date, if he wanted other people there the chances are he would have asked "why don't a load of us..."


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  • thats not true.i mean maybe if he's interested in you he thought it was a date but I don't know that doesn't happen every time