Can he forgive me for what I did? And should I stay with him or just leave him after telling him the truth?

I'm married since 2 years and i love my husband so much but after that he changed he become another person he made me feel like he doesn't love me anymore and he was always busy and angry even we didn't have sex like before he was pushing me away over and over again without telling me why! And start fighting with him so he travelled away from me he was wired and ask his friend to take of me until he back and i started to sit with him and talk he was different and more fun than my husband and i really fall for him and i slept with him many times but i felt bad because i did that to my husband and when he back i was happy and scared and i was cry because i feel guilty and because I'm pregnant. Before couple weeks i talked to my husband and he explained everything to me he's ((Sterile)) and he was different with me because he was sad and he decided to let me go but he was searching for any medicine and he didn't find it so he asked me to choose if i still want to live with him or leave me and he kissed me before he leave the house and he want me to call him after i take my decision.
I'm shocked and i don't know why i destroyed my life like this i can't leave him and i can't stay with him because he will figure out that I'm pregnant.I swear i didn't eat or sleep well since days i can't stop thinking about everything there's a great pressure on me.
I don't want anyone to blame me for what i did because i didn't know why he was different and hates me.

I really feel bad about myself.


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  • he may or may not forgive you but you absolutely HAVE to tell him the truth. it will come out one way or another. it sounds like he is very forgiving of you as it is so I would just come clean.

    If you don't love him then you should probably just get a divorce. you can't stay with him simply because he loves you. It's not the way it works and you'll continue to do things like having sex with other men if you stay in a relationship you are unsatisfied in

    • I can try to love him again right?

    • what is going to make you love him again? like how do you go about that? typically the only reason you stop being in love with someone is because they change or you realize something in them that is not attractive. If he hasn't change but rather you are just no longer feeling that desire for him then you aren't going to just fall in love again.

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  • tell him that when he left you that you had no other choice as but also tell him that he would not talk to you about it so you had no other choice I would wait for baby to be born then have a dna test done to see if its his friends baby or his cause some times when a man say he can not squirt is when he gets the surprize

    • It's not his baby because he was honest with me and he told me the truth to made my choice if i want to stay with him or not

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    • ur very welcome and I wish you luck with your hubby and baby

    • Thank you

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  • He won't forgive you you did a big mistake honey and you should fix it by doing the right thing.