How to impress French guys?

so there's a new extremely hot french guy at my tennis place. We have a round robin thing on fridays

so I played with him and it seemed like he was flirting with me.

but he doesn't speak ANY English at all, except a few words. I mean I knows he knows what I'm saying.

But are there any ways to impress a french guy?(:


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  • Propose him to help him to learn English.

    BTW, how's your French?

    Show him this, the etymology and origin of "round Robin": link :D

  • bring some baguettes with pate on it for lunch and invite him to eat with you lol. say that when you were shopping, it reminded you of him because its french lol. don't forget the pate.. pate is SO good

    • What is baguettes & pate? Lol

    • You gotta be kidding me lol.

      Baguettes is like a meter long cylinder shaped bread sorta and pate is pate. lol

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