Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith are divorced. Does anyone beleive in celebrity marriage?

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith Split After 18 Years of Marriage.
I can not say I know any happily married ever after story, do you? What is the reason behind it?


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  • If it's arranged no the odds are stacked against them and such marriages are sometimes a total sham for publicity. But there have been celebrities that have been married decades and never divorced in thier life times or haven't divorced as of yet one example is Paul Newman


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  • I dont think there's anything intrinsically normal about marriage.

    it works with some people bc they want a marriage and want it to work.

    forming a marriage just bc you're in love and figure thats what marriage is for , assuming it will automatically work bc you love each other is most likely not gong to be successful.

    i think social groups and communities are vey natural and essential to the human condition.. marriage is a messy after thought with myriad cause for failure.

    liking basketball dosnt make you a basketball star.

    i think yo have to really be an exopert at relationships and WANT that kind of relationship in ordr for it to work. doing it just bc people do with no training prior is just disaster and there's no reason to assume it will work.

    they lasted longer in the past bc people felt thy had no choice but to live out their lives miserable.

    i dont think we are worse at marriage. i think we were never excellent and its not for everyone. like co co puffs.

    when people divorce they were probably together as long as they cold stand it. they had a successful ltr and an unsuccessful marriage bc they were not marriage material.not everyoe is.

    and imo, getting married is _not_ the most efficient constructive pure way to express your life. not if you're going to suck at it and need a divorce. there are other ore touching less costly ways of saying i love you.

    • your *love*. not life.

      though both work.

  • Celebrity marriages always fail because celebrities put their careers before their partners.
    "I have to shoot on location this Thursday, so no I can't go out to dinner with you"
    "I have to audition for this play on Sunday, nope I can't go on that ski trip with you"
    Eventually these types of things get said so much in the marriage that somebody ends up filing for divorce.

  • What Antonio is single?

  • This is one of the reasons why i wouldn't wanna become famous.. If you're that famous you can't date someone anymore who is "lower" than you cause you won't know if he/she is just using you for money. And if you date someone who is famous also you must accept the fact that there are millions of men/woman who are imagining having intimacy with them. If you get that much attention from the apposite sex specially the guys it's hard to refuse it...