He keeps ignoring me. Should I even respond to him?

A bit long as I'm trying to provide the most info here.

He's been deliberately ignoring my contacts lately. Known him for almost a year now... I really don't know what is going on. I asked him what's up, what's new, am I bugging him or something? He's been using the "super crazy busy with work" excuse for the longest time.

He used to text me for the ENTIRETY of his shifts because he works a cushy job where he is able to.

I didn't ever expect us to message all day forever. But after following his lead and toning it down (not hard for me) he's just leaving me hanging now.

I already expressed concern. He knows how I feel. Yet he keeps ignoring either my call (haven't even tried now in weeks- why get ignored again?) and now my messages.

Replies 24 hours later. On purpose. I know him. I know how he is. He's always with that phone. He is the type to text.

Then haven't heard from him in days. He finally asks me "hey what's up how's your weekend?"

Because... He's bored at work. Just like last time he finally messaged me.

I keep thinkig- what if I'm wrong?

But why must I doubt my intuition? I've been right in the past. But am I wrong this time?

I want him in my life, even if we can't be together (a distance thing). But even as friends I'd be happy with that.

He's making it too hard for me though.

What should I do? I haven't responded. Just never know when he will leave me hanging so I figure why bother, that just hurts.

Ok and for some reason this is in the wrong category... I selected "Relationships"
Would love to hear from others too thanks


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  • Nope, I know its dumb, but the more you work for it, the more power he has. The more power he has the less he's gunna do. It's chidish but true. If you dont answer for awhile and he's interested he will get in touch eventually. If he doesn't at all, then maybe he wasn't really interested in which case yo can move up and on, a win win either way. Stay strong!

    • Thank you so much, I have decided to not respond. Honestly now that some time has passed since the message, it feels so awkward anyway.

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