Why do a lot (not all) of women not want to sign pre nups? Are they all gold diggers as I man I would have no problem signing it, what's the deal?

Well basically this is just based on the women i have come across but whenever i speak to women the general consensus on pre nups in NO, why would i sign a pre nup if a man asked me to i would never marry him. Why is he thinking about money on our wedding day, he can't love me if he doesn't want me to have his money or if he is thinking of money during marriage.

Anyway does this not seem totally irrational to you guys or is it just me? These girls just seem totally irrational i know not all women think like this so this isn't based at all women but for the women who do think like this why do you? As a man if i met a women who owned a chain of high class restaurants and she was a millionaire, i was on an average salary not living lavish but living fine, we got together we had a nice place and a nice life together sharing both of our wealth and she asked me to sign a pre nup i wouldn't hesitate to sign it. Why would i hesitate, surely if i say no am i not thinking about possibly getting a pay day if we get divorced? a lot of women i speak to say the man is looking to save his money but the money is HIS, it's the women saying no that is trying to profit of him if you get a divorce and vice versa if a man didn't want to sign.

I just think there is a feeling of self entitlement with a lot of women, like because they are women they deserve certain things and a man's money. a lot of the women i know pocket watch, meaning they look at a guys car/job/salary before they even get to know his personality, men on the other hand like me don't care if you drive a mercedes or a old truck it means nothing at all to us. This self entitlement is precisely what the pre nup is, why should the man not give me money i'm a precious women who should be taken care of and treated like it's the 18th century.

When will these women just grow up and realise it's modern times, a pre nup is the fairest way to enter a marriage because it shows its about love not money.



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  • Hmmm... Are the women who do not want to sign pre-nups financially dependent? Are they making considerably less than their partners? I hope to earn just as much as my partner, I don't want there to be only one breadwinner- I want it to be a real partnership between us. As such, I don't see the point of a pre-nup...If I were to marry, I would really get to know this person and be certain that we were a good fit together...I don't want to marry if there's a hint of a doubt that it might not work out. I also think that people these days are INSANELY lazy when it comes to their marriage. People stop exploring their partners, stop being randomly sweet, stop trying... That isn't right. I don't want to marry someone thinking that there's a 0.000001% chance that maybe one day we'll get divorced. Therefore, for me, a pre-nup seems...silly and somewhat fatalistic. I think, however, that EXTREMELY well-off men and women, millionaires and the like, SHOULD get pre-nups to protect themselves. Both men and women can be gold-diggers and you never know...but if I were THAT wealthy of a person, I would date people who were ALSO that wealthy in order to keep the relationship balanced. Men sometimes feel emasculated by women that are huge earners and women sometimes feel owned/possessed by men who are huge earners.

    • Yeah i would say the women that say no expect to be financially dependant and making considerably less, a lot of these women want the man to be the main breadwinner why they work part time so it makes sense that they would want a pay out if they got divorced.

      I dun know marriage is meant to be for life right so signing a pre nup is kinda putting a dampner on the marriage like a divorce is possible, but u know this is 2014 divorces happen you have to modernise man if me and my wife were both equally earning the same and working i wouldn't ask for a pre nup either. I'm talking about well off men with not so well off partners who they met when they were already well of not wanting to sign it. I can understand if they were together before the wealth because a good women motivates you to be sucessful and better so i would owe my wealth to her because of her help and loyalty.

      But if i'm well of and she's not and we meet date and wanna get married she should sign i think

    • I agree with your points... I also think that if something like this issue grates on you- you should be responsible when dating and seek out women who earn like you do. You'll have a better shot at happiness.

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  • I think a lot of women have a problem with it because they take it as meaning that the man is going into the marriage expecting it not to last, or that they don't trust them. But that's not necessarily true. Yes, marriage is ideally supposed to last forever but sometimes that just doesn't happen. A pre-nup is like an insurance policy in case things don't pan out the way you planned. It's like car insurance for your marriage. You (hopefully) don't buy an insurance policy planning to crash your car but you buy the policy to protect yourself in case it does happen. Personally, I don't have any issues with a pre-nup and I'd sign one if my fiance wanted one. Marriage is a big risk and I can understand wanting to protect yourself in case things go awry.

  • I think this is a very American thing, haven't actually heard of many in Sweden doing the pre-nup thing :)

    • Do you think the pre nup is a bad idea though?

    • yeah, I would say that it's bad. I mean in Sweden we can have shared or separated economy, and when you have a separated economy the money on your account is yours and not your wife's/husband's. And I don't really know what to say without sounding like a hopeless romantic ^^ I'm just against the whole concept of money in general and starting your life with someone by writing a pre-nup just gives the whole thing a rocky start...

  • I think that if a man is a billionaire, and he wants his fiance to sign a pre-nup (this is just based on observation not experience, and obviously not all men) it generally means that somewhere down the track he's going to trade her in for a younger woman and doesn't want her to have his stuff or money.
    A pre-nup basically means: I'm not sure of this is going to be forever. And to a lot of women, marriage is supposed to be forever. Or at least the intention of forever, asking for a pre-nup is not the intention of happily ever after. It's more like well let's see how this goes. I think that it also signifies that either he doesn't think the women really loves him (gold-digger as you mentioned) or he doesn't really love her.

    For me, it's the reason why i don't think i will ever get married. Because i can't go into a church and swear to be with someone forever if I'm not certain. If I'm not 100% sure that i will love them no matter what and make it work when things are at their worst, and that they feel the same. Like if i was head over heels in love, got engaged and they asked for a pre-nup I'd be re thinking getting married. I'd rather just stay unmarried until we are both sure, or until it natural ends. I just feel like marriage is a sacred thing, and it's something i will hopefully only have to do once. I'm a romantic unfortunately.


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  • Love is temporary. Money is forever. Those women are sharks :)

    • They want a little insurance so that as they get older and can't compete against 18 year olds, they get a little something of you ditch them. Never marry :)

    • Money isn't even forever tho, the guys business can go bust i just don't understand why they wouldn't want to sign it? I mean lets say i meet a girl at 19 we both work hard and struggle together we both make it and start earning money and living our dreams, with her help i become this big CEO of this company and i'm a millionaire but she isn't as rich but still earning money.

      I probably wouldn't want her to sign a pre nup because i'd owe my sucess to her and good women elevates you and get's you places with there support and advice. I appreciate the value of a good women so in that case i wouldn't ask for one.

      But if i met a women and i'm a millionaire of my own back and she works at the hair salon we have been together for a couple years and wanna get married and she's like no why should i sign what's the problem, she should sign in those circumstances i think

    • Just don't even get married. Just do LTRs. It's the same thing minus the headaches.

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