Why, why, why?

why after 8 years of a relationship - nothing? he hasn't contacted me in 6 months and is with some1 else! please help me x x x


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  • A lot of couples hit a bump around seven years. They call it the seven year itch. Sometimes avoiding marriage postpones it a little but because the relationship is less stable it has less of a chance of surviving. Your relationship may have lost intamacy, one or both of you may have been putting priority on work or something apart from each other.Whatever the case someone was giving the relationship the attention it needed. Did he hook up with the other girl three months ago or was that just when he told you? Whatever the case he's probably looking for something fresh. He's now in the midst of courtship. It's new exciting and their both being attentive to it. You could try to get him back or find someone new and exciting yourself.

    • Do you think he might possibly get bored with her?

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    • He's 26 by the way. He just felt that we were not meant to be. It's really hard to get over it.]

      It's been 6 months since he split with me and my feeling are still so raw. People tell me time is a great healer but it's frightens me that I might not ever get over him!!!!!!

    • Well it's not like I've ever had such a long relationship but I do know that time does heal most things. We are programmed so that tragedy dulls away. Your lucky you got are relationship too last so long at this age. Wait a while and start dating again. the pain will fade, you'll get over him. You'll still have eight years of memories of a time you did love him, but the memories just won't surface that often, and if you with someone else they won't really hurt. Not unless you dwell on them.

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  • You should provide more details why. Or did he really just disappear from you for no apparent reason?

    • He just told me over the phone 6 months ago that we 'don't work' and are 'not meant to be together' and that's it. I did text him after he split with me and he just told me that I meant a lot to him and still do, but we don't work. Then 3 months later told me he was with some1 else.

      After such a long time why is he like this?

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  • Maybe he was really telling you the truth that you two are not for each other? Either way why would you want him back after he was with someone else. That is hurtful.