Guys - Your mother and wife don't like each other. As a man what would you do? (If anything)?

Let's say your mother and wife have never liked each other but you continued with your relationship and now its causing problems within the marriage (somehow).

Being the "man if the house" what would you do to help create peace within the situation?

  • I'd do everything I can to fix the problems.
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  • I'm not really one to get into drama. I'd let them sort themselves out.
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  • I might bring in a third party for some extra support
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  • I don't know what I would do?
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  • well I can try to do what I think will help ease the tensions but in the end I will take the side of my wife.

    • Why your wife's side? Not that you're wrong or anything, just curious.

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    • awesome sauce tyVM:D

    • You're welcome!

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  • I would side with my wife and explain to my mom that seeing me is dependent on at least a civil relationship with my wife

  • I would love both of them equally and create a plan to make them like each other. If I didn't, I feel that it would be bad long term at family events too and cause many problems in the future.

  • Plow my wife and ignore my mother like every other person

    • Lol you seem to have it all figured out

    • Lets look at this from a human perspective. My mother already fulfilled her duties to ensure human life continues for example having children. Now it's my time to ensure our species survival if this means plow my wife and estranged myself from my parents then so be it. I don't make the rules just doing my job lady.

    • Ah okay that does make a lot of sense

  • it would not be a problem for me as soon as it started my mum would be out off the pic.


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