Do you feel like you have to perform or cater to other people?

It seems people make friends by catering to other people, and "performing" for them. Asking questions that they think other people would be interested in answering, saying things they think people would want to hear, dressing in ways that they think their audience would desire, behaving in ways that other people find sexually or socially engaging and I just wondered if this was a man made trait that people grow out of or if it's something that we common sense would dictate we do? It seems there is so much moral ambiguity in life that you don't really know what's what and what's not.


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  • It doesn't have to be like that Some people do them but many don't. I am not smart enough to be able to pull those things right so I don't try. I try to make my life as simple as possible. I just do or behave naturally. I think I am happier that way. But that's me.


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  • The way I normally present myself is probably 90% what I want and 10% for others. If it was 100% me, I'd be wearing PJs to class everyday. Haha.

    I feel like you should make yourself somewhat presentable and likable to others. As long as you're not a slave to it and you have your own style and likes, I see nothing wrong there. We cannot live alone, every human has the desire to be loved and accepted by people. It's only natural that we have a small part of ourselves that, as you say, "caters" to others. If you don't give someone an opportunity to see that side of you that's compassionate to them and willing to give them some attention simply because you want to, you probably won't get any attention from them back, leaving you with a slightly smaller amount of friends and acquaintances.

    It's just a balance that you have to manage. You can't be totally catering, just as you can't be totally ignorant of others. You have to pick and choose when is a good time to pay attention to others and when is a good time to pay attention to yourself.

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