Do guys only talk about that kind of stuff with you if they want you?

In one night my guy friend talked with me about 1)wanting kids one day, 2)his brother's wedding, 3)his bed, and 4)kissing me (well, he said, "would your mom care how late you're out? Would she be worried that we're making out or something?" because we were going to bowl until 1 am). Someone in my family told me later on that guys only talk about that kind of stuff with you if they 1)want to have kids with you, 2)want to marry you, 3)want you sexually, and 4)want to kiss you. My question to you, guys, is if this is true. Can you help me?


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  • Does it really matter if you guys are "making out"

    How old are you anyway?

    You seem young, I doubt think poor guy wants to have kids and marry you right now.

    You can talk about those things and have it mean absolutely nothing in regards to having feelings like that for the other person.

    • No, it really doesn't matter if we make out. I mean, I've never even been kissed before and he knows it..

      I'm almost 19.

      That's exactly what I thought, but just about everyone in my family says otherwise.

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  • Ok the guy wants to have sex with you, is it really that big of a surprise? There is absolutely nothing you need to do about it because its trivial and unless you're going on, it doesn't mean much at all.

    • That actually would be a very big surprise considering 1)I'm almost 19 and never been on a date and 2) he doesn't even hug his girlfriend (when he's dating) in public. I never really thought that there was any hidden message there, but I still wanted some one else' s opinion. Thanks!

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  • LOL most guys wanna have sex with you and I don't think that statement is true just because he talked to you about that doesn't mean it was some hidden message that he wants that with you. I think your reading too much into it.

    • Actually, I'm almost 19 and haven't ever been on a date, so to think someone wants me in that way is very strange. I personally didn't think there was any hidden message, but my family did. I just wanted someone else's opinion. Thanks! :)