How to keep a guy to do the chasing you and wanting more?

I find that in the beggining of a relationship guys want the relationship and are addicted to you. In a few months they get distant and even if you guys stay together and are happy its never the same.
What keeps a guy engaged and interested in a you even if you are married?


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  • In general, you have to show that you are constantly progressing towards a new goal.

    Seeing the same person in the same chair at the same time every day when you walk in the door is an example of a tiresome routine, because on a subconscious level, you feel that your life is not progressing. No progress in a world that is constantly changing can build up anxiety and make you crave something new. So don't be close minded to new experiences, and don't be afraid to pick up hobbies that you both enjoy.

    • Thats very thoughtful. You the guy friend every girl wants fun and insightful.

    • That's both kind and offensive. But I'm assuming you didn't mean it that way, so OKAY.

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  • It all depends. Some guys fall for that hard to get shit. Others hate it. I know some guys that chase and chase for days. But if a chick plays hard to get with me I dont even bother. For one it makes it seem like she's not interested and on top of that I dont have time to play games haha so I just stop bothering with her

  • I don't know sex seems to be a strong motivator


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  • My boyfriend & I are im a LDR and honestly he's always stayed "addicted" to me. I'd say it's about keeping that passion and connection you both had in the start of the relationship. You both should both be putting in an effort to not make things so "routine" which is usually the problem in long-term relationships. Not only keep the sex exciting but other aspects of the relationship.

    • Yes thats true, Its easy to fall into routine.
      Movies, and dinner and we both dont drink so we dont go out at night much. We really have to find other ways to shake things up.

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