Is he jealous of my mom?

Ok, me and my fiance have been together for 3 years he was my very first. We are pretty serious and have even started planning for the wedding which is soon because he proposed in late june. Anyways I am also very, very close to my mom. I tell her pretty much everything I know it's corny but she is like my best friend. I didn't know I would end up with my boyfriend in the beginning so I told her all the juicy details about our relationship and asked for her advice etc. And he already acts weird toward my mom which turns me off. He loves her but sometimes he says sstuff like oh your MOM said that so it MUST be true really sarcastic. And he teases me because I visit her a lot and he tries to make up excuses so I won't see her. Some of them are really obvious. So I'm not sure if I he is jealous because he isn't very close with his mom. And we also had a huge fit because I slipped and said well I heard that something sexual that he does is totally normal and he said well says who and I said well my mom said that it happens all the time and he was furious and went off on me saying that I tell my mom way too much and how dare I our love life is private. I feel guilty because I do talk to my mom about things it isn't her fault and I ask for her advice in everything and I was a virgin when I met him so I tended to ask a lot of question because I feel comfortable with my mom nad my friends might try something with my guy and I don't trust them as much as my mom. Do you think I am a horrible fiance or is he just jealous of my mom?


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  • You hurt his pride. he's not jealous he just doesn't want the two of ur private matters given out to other people. he worries about what ur mom is thinking. My advice is either stop discussing stuff with ur mom ha let's face it I have the same issue so that won't happen so option two don't discuss with ur mom in front of him, don't tell him you discussed something with ur mom. if ur mom had and Idea avoid the phrase my mom said... instead make it ur own try I had an idea or I think just make it look like you stopped talking about the private matters with her. to add an extra boost discuss certain things with him make him feel his opinion matter more then ur moms even if it doesn't. congrats on the wedding and good luck

    • Thanks you are so sweet I'm glad I'm not the only one that is really close to my mom. I think your're right. I felt really bad aftrerward I didn't think he cared so much about privacy. I did say that it was my idea but I am a horrible liar and he was like Your mom said that didn't she! and I said no but he knew he waas right so he went off. lol I have to practice the lying or we'll never work out haha. Thanks for your advice

    • No problem any time mom's real do make great friends lol I hope you figure it all out.

    • Thanx 4 best answer :)

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