He asked me to marry him. not seriously but I can't tell if he's really interested or not!?

One of my co workers of about 3 weeks has showed some interest in me. when we work together he's always teasing me and like poking me, making sexual innuendos pretty much flirting hard core. im the only one he like really talks to, i mean he talks to others but in like a sarcastic asshole kind of way but we have real conversations about our lives and stuff. one day he taps me and says "this is really hard for me to say but I love you" i reply jokingly i know. he continues to say every so often he loves me and ill reply i love you too. out of the blue he was like marry me i said no because he was being rude earlier and that i would if he apologized he did and I said yes. since then we've planned our fake wedding and life together and so on. so the reason I'm not sure if he's really interested is he hasn't asked for my number or asked to hang out outside of work and one day he brought up another girl he was interested in that he reconnected with from high school but he only brought her up once a while ago and hasn't again since and when a hot girl walks by he say to me id tap that. so is he interested or is he just playing around?


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  • do you think he was seriously asking you to marry him while you two were at work?

    obviously he's just joking around but I do think that he is probably interested in you in terms of some sort of hook up or gf/bf thing.


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  • Marriage is something that should not be rushed. Trust your gut instinct. If you think its too much of a whim, don't do it. If you don't feel comfortable at the moment, get to know each other better, and then make up your mind.