My thought on what you should think about before you get married?

i had a thought today about marraige and i believe there's one thought that should go through their mind before committing like that, i mean its all well a good that you want to marry the one you love and you feel you want to spend the rest of your life together but there's one thing you should think about... and if the answers no then go ahead and get married,

ok so here it is, when you gaze in the eyes of the one you are inlove with, would you care that if it ended in divorce down the line, not knowing that this person no matter how nice and loving they are now that they could be a gold digger, a cheater or so on, if these could be a heartbreak of the divorce would you care if thats how it ended.

if no because you dont care because in the end of the day you want to spend every moment committed because they make you feel happy to that person no matter how it will end.

if you do care that it could happen and you won't stand for it but you will marry the person anyway then i say marraige isn't for you.

being committed to the one you love means not just accepting the good stuff but preparing for what could happen and if you can potentially prepare as that could happen and still be happy to marry them.


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  • That would matter and no just becasue im married to them doesn't mean imma take their shit just becasue they decided to change down the line and cheat on me etc. yes when im getting married to them I am accepting everything about them but that means what I already know and sure I dont accept them to be perfect. But that why I feel i shouldn't accept it to last it can end in divorce im not going to stay in a marriege that abusive and cheating etc why should I. When im not doing that and ill be unhappy no thank you ill leave not my problem. I don accept their to not be bad days maybe the guy loses his job that diff or we disgree or fight but cheating and abuse no i will not put up with it at all.

    Ill love the guy as he is but if he holding back and not sharing hosmtrue self that he is a cheated etc oh well imma want a divorce. That why I feel I would deff wanna date the person for a few years at least 3 to 4 so I have a good understanding what im getting myself into but always I would wanna be independtent when it comes to my career and money so rather it works out or not I can support myself and be fine I accept the guy to do the same. Their no granntee in life. All you can do is trust the person and hope for the best. Marriage doesn't mean it set in stone at all. Sometimes people get married and it not that they lied or cheated but they out grow each other and the feelings aren't their the spark and know that the marriage is over. doesn't mean they were wrong to get married in the 1st place it just they change and they wanted diff things.


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  • I don't want to spend every moment with ANYONE, myself included.

    I'm going to guess that you've never been married?