Male vs Female experience in the dating world summed up by you?

Must have same age or older.
all the good guys snatched up 24/7.
older guys already married
even older guys dying

Eh, I don't like this year's crop. Let's see what next year's is like. *drink mojito*


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  • Women are trapped in a game of musical chairs. They are constantly aware of the ever dwindling supply of chairs and are terrified of being left standing when there's nothing left.

    Guys don't watch the time go by, and usually have to be told by friends or family that it's really time for them to think about settling down.


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  • Female: prospect must not be a moron.
    Male: jdjebrjskfofkekdjd8:!3&:&:&;&:kzjdkrdkdjdjd
    I didn't know how to put 'white noise' into words, hence the jumbled letters 0:)

    And if that^^ wasn't clear enough... i am insulting your intelligence. Hehehehehehehe :D *scampers away*

    • "Make the intelligent choice, not the hot choice" Classic female mind control! :D

    • What is there to control when y'all are like moving blocks of jello? I'd appreciate a challenge :p muhahahahahahaha :D

    • lol in realzies, habibi, hot doesn't matter. Smart alone doesn't matter. Only triple threats matter :)

  • Females~
    "Any guy is willing to hit that no matter how ratchet, ghetto she is"
    As said by a friend of mines

    I noticed even the best looking guys have a hard time dating. Its sad really. Some guys are so awesome I have to stop and think why is he still single.

  • I think there's a bigger difference between hot and not hot, as well as charming and not charming than guys and gals.


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