Should I invite my dad but not my mom to my wedding?

So I love my mom and my dad. However my mom and grandma have been extremely rude to me. They always are calling me gay even though I have told them to cut it out and how it bugs me. My fiance also isn't the same religion so they have been really naggy about and rude about that as well. I've just had it. I'm not inviting them. Is that rude? I want to invite my dad but I'm afraid that will put him in an awkward position with my mom.


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  • If you're not planning on kicking your mom out of your life entirely then why wouldn't you invite your mom to your wedding?

    Obviously no one deserves to be treated the way your mom is treating you. But you should talk to her about it. It will cause so much problems for your family if you don't invite her. I bet you'll feel like crap on your special day if you really don't invite your mom.

    My mom always says to all her kids "Remember you only have one mom." She's been saying it since we were tiny little tots and it's annoying but it's. TRUE.

    Has your mom ever been there for you in a positive way? Does the bad really outweigh the good in her?

    If you are feeling so hurt by your mom to the point that you don't even want her at your wedding, you should talk to her. You should TRY to at least work things out with her before breaking her heart in not inviting her, don't you think.

    Your feelings are important and they DO matter but this is your special day and you won't be able to undo this if you really don't invite her. You will all, always remember how she was not at your wedding.

    If you decide not to invite her, you should at least give it your best effort with her and your grandmother.

    Maybe talk with your dad about how you are feeling and what you should do first before talking to your mom.

    Anyways congratulations on your wedding. I hope everything works out for you.


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  • My cousin-in-law invited her mother (who she has issues with) to her wedding with it made known to her that if she ruins her day or in any way acts out or embarrasses her at all, she would be escorted out and she'd never speak to her again and cut her out of her life entirely. So basically her relationship with her mother hinged on her mom's ability to keep her shit together at her wedding.


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  • It is rude. Despite the qualms you may have with them, they are your family and deserve to be invited to your wedding. For that one day, put your differences aside and rejoice in the celebration of marriage. You can confront/punish them later for what they have done to you.