Why does she keep asking me this?

Whenever my mom and I are alone she always asks me if I'm going to marry my boyfriend.

How am I supposed to know? We've been dating for 3 years, but you have to think, we started dating when I was 18 so it's not like we've gotten very far in life - we're both very young as far as marriage age goes.

Why do you think she always asks? What does she expect me to do? Give her an answer with 100% certainty? lol


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  • Tell her that there's no need for you to rush marriage. You're still young and have a lot of things to figure about yourself. You may love your boyfriend now but that doesn't mean that you'll still love him a couple of years from now. Just enjoy spending time with him and do things together. You also need to know that people do change a lot in their 20s. Marriage will happen whenever it happens. There's no need to put a time limit on when to get married. You don't want to get married now and then get divorced in a few years once you realize that you've both changed.


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  • Well, sweetheart she is behaving like normal moms so just try to ignore the ans... ;)


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