How do we go about this without hurting my sister's feelings?

I'm helping my brother's fiance plan her wedding, and she's putting together her bridal party. She's trying to keep it as small as possible because my brother doesn't have all too many friends, and can probably come up with 5 groomsmen at most. She doesn't want to ask my older sister to be a bridesmaid because she doesn't feel that she would fit in with the rest of her friends (we're all very girly, into makeup/clothes etc.,) and my sister just isn't at all. The messed up part is, is that my brother's fiance was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding. She says she wants my sister to be apart of the wedding, but not as a bridesmaid. If it were up to me, I would let her be one if she wanted to be, but my brother's fiance is being stubborn. I really don't want my sister's feelings to be hurt, how could we go about this?

So, any suggestions? Thanks!


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  • She shouldn't do this and you shouldn't help her. It's going to hurt your sisters feelings

    • I'm asking for suggestions about how to either convince my brothers fiance to stop being mean, or for a solution that will appease them both.

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  • is there any other reason for your sister not to be a bridesmaid in this wedding than not being girly enough (into make up etc.)? because for me it doesn't sound like a valid reason but just like a bad excuse. does your brother's fiance already have enough bridesmaids? does your sister wants to be a bridesmaid?

    • My sister is kind of special needs, like she's not retarded, she holds a job and can manage on her own, but she's VERY immature. Like she's 30 years old and still watches cartoons daily and she has trouble with speech, for example, if she's excited or stressed, she has a really hard time forming coherent sentences. I can understand why my brother's fiance wouldn't want her to be at bridal party functions, but I don't think that really justifies not letting her be in the bridal party. She hasn't formally asked anyone but me so far, and she's trying to decide who to ask. She could easily find 5 girls, excluding my sister.

    • And yes, if she asked my sister, my sister would be very excited and would really want to be a bridesmaid.

  • Maybe tell your brothers' fiance that you love your sister, and mention the fact that she was a bridesmaid for your sister. Then maybe, if she says yes, you could give her a makeover!