How can I get Gay Marriage Rights known to not be bad, or a sin?

I am a bisexual, and I want Gay Marriage to be legal in every state. I mean, it's a factor of love, so why should gender matter? I want to spread the word that it should be legal, so can y'all give me advice? This would mean a lot.


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  • You have to expose your concern on the matter to everyone in your orbit--and good luck to you against a bad reaction to that. A nice girl like you openly expressing your opinion, however, could lead others to reconsider any negative stance they might have on the issue. Next, you could join or do volunteer work for any organization promoting gay marriage--campaigning for candidates, attending demonstrations, and so forth.

    Any matter regarding sex in the United States lights a fuse for backward reactionary and hyperreligious asexual characters to explode against "sin" and sexual licentiousness. Lol. But those people must be fought by sane and intelligent people, otherwise we might just as well live in the Middle East. Brave thinkers of the past speaking their voice gave us the 21st Century freedoms we know today. Since you are joining those brave thinkers, congratulations to you!

    • I would join those jobs and such, but, I should have mentioned this earlier, I'm only 12. I just want to make a change, I hate having to be here, feeling helpless, when I still feel I can do something.

    • I would not have guessed. You are one smart person.

    • Ha! Thanks. :)

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  • "marriage" is a juridical status derived from the term marriage in the bible, reserved for mixed gender conjunction only, therefore i can understand the outrage over the usage of the term for same gender conjunctions. i am not saying being gay is wrong or a sin or "no real love" or whatever but i can understand that people feel the word marriage is being missused.
    in my opinion it´s all about the term "marriage" so why don´t you call it different but still have the same juridical implications? maybe then, people would shut up about it.


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  • First of all, whether you morally/religiously agree with it or not, in terms of equality of human rights it should be legal. People say "let them have civil unions" but civil unions do not contain the same legal benefits as a marriage. So by denying marriage you are denying those legal benefits to a person.
    Also, there is separation of Church and State. My religion does not believe in Divorce. And yet, divorce is still legal. A religious person does not need to agree with it, a priest does not need to grant permission. People can get divorced despite what their church says. My Priest says that in order for the marriage to be recognized by God, it must be performed in a church. And yet it is still legal to get married on a beach. Maybe your church won't recognize a beach marriage, but the law does. I think that's the most important part: Churches don't need to recognize gay marriage, but the law needs to.
    Another reason people against marriage equality say that children need a mother and father. Now, I can give you studies that show how children being raised by 2 women still turn out fine. But I don't need to give you those, because the ability to procreate is not a requirement for legal marriage. If it was, then infertile straight couples would not be able to marry. If we say 2 men can't marry because they can't have kids, then we need to say that older couples can't marry since they can't have kids, or barren couple can't marry because they can't have kids. So the whole point about having children doesn't make any sense in terms of a legal debate.
    Basically, if a person says Gay Marriage is a sin, tell them they are allowed to believe that. But the USA is built on equality, and in order for legal equality to occur we need to allow everyone to get married.

    • Actually, I'm Athiest. I only said sin, because a lot of Christians say it is a sin.

    • Yeah sorry I wasn't referring to "you" personally, I was saying "you" because what I typed up there is something that you can say to anyone who says "but gay marriage is a sin."

  • Lol dude there's so many campaigns for the legalization of gay marriage. You're not the only one... sorry.