For you married guys out there, I've got a question for you!?

When you proposed to your wife, what exactly did you say and where did you propose?


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  • I didn't formally propose, we'd been dating for years, traveled and lived together, we just talked about it together, first without a fixed day, then with one (changed the date for some reason) and got married. Mainly because her dad insisted so much. We'd be still just as happy without marriage.


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  • We had talked about it a lot... basically since we very first got together. So I kinda knew it was coming just not as to when. We had been together a year when it happened... actually it was Thanksgiving day. All he did was tell me he had something for me and to cover my eyes and had me to uncover them and he had the ring in his hand. So it wasn't the whole got down on one knee big deal or anything like that.

  • If you are looking for ways to propose then you really just have to look at your relationship. When my fiance and i decided to get married we really just talked about it and decided. I'm not one who likes to be the center of attention. At that point we went and together designed my ring. It was perfect for us and our relationship. We have been together for a long while and live together.
    Some girls on the other hand "need" the big proposal to be the center of attention.

    So all in all it depends on your relationship and where you guys are with each other.


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