Do you think we began a downward spiral for accepting gay marriage?

In the next fifty years or so, if we continue with our ideas of gay marriage, it will be nearly completely accepted.

For instance, beastality is known to be illegal and disgusting. Same with incest. Do you think if we start accepting unnatural things now, will we begin accepting these gross ideas? It's love, right? You can control what or who you love, right? We shouldn't care what other people do, right? They aren't hurting us, right? If a boy falls in love with his uncle or his sister and they love him as well, it's their problem! Right? They are in love! We shouldn't change that, right? If a girl loves her dog and that dog is fiercely loyal to her, has sex with her, loves her, and she's happy, why change anything? Right?

No. I don't think any of this is normal or natural or should be accepted. But people just have to be so nice and accepting so they won't be hated. Oh dear no, if I'm against society's opinion I won't be accepted! So I must agree with them because I want to be a normal person too!

Being gay was illegal. Being gay resulted in you being killed. Being with an animal resulted in you being stoned. I know some of these are drastic measures but it just shows how our views have changed so much from the past. Who knows what will be accepted in the future if we continue going this way so freely or not.

I just knew gay supporters just love to attack people who oppose them. :D
Again, hardly no one understands what I'm trying to say and I'm tired of being badgering me with their extreme hate.
In 50 years we may think differently than now and may accept things like incest and such for accepting something that was\is wrong.


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  • I want to commend you for taking a minority, yet extremely brave stance against the crazy liberal brainwashed culture our world has become. I'm probably one of the few commentators on here (GAG is dominated by liberals) who likely shares your opinion. From a judaic, chirstian and possibly muslim perspective (I have never read the Quran) homosexuality is nothing more than a variation of idolatry. The thing is all humans are guilty of some sort of idolatry or sin. The issue I have with homosexuals is that they ARE PROUD OF THEIR LIFESTYLE. Proud to be an idolater. It's not only acceptable... but it's sickeningly being encourage and celebrated. I myself have my own struggles and problems (I'll admit I have abused alcohol, looked p*rn, gambled and experimented with other vices). However you don't see alcoholics, gamblers or p*rn consumers marching in a parade saying "we are PROUD of our deviation". Most of these sinners feels some degree of shame for their sins. All I can say is that God has a way of rebalancing nations who rebel (both Israel and ancient Rome indulged in idolatry and God eventually punished them both). I just hope when the punishment does comes He will distinguishes the righteous from the unrighteous (unfortunately his punishments are often indiscriminate if you read the old testament) but someday we will all have to answer for our deeds (ROMANS 14:11).

    • Thank you for your words and sharing your thoughts. :)

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    • Why does it have to be liberal or conservative? Can't I keep my money and have the right to dosas I please as long as I don't hurt anyone? I know most of you Amerifats minds collapse when the idea of not living under an oppressive government and God but seriously? It brings shame to what our country could be.

    • I'm confused by how you said "you Amerifats" and "brings shame to what our country could be"... are you American or a foreigner? As for "amerifat" I'm 9% bodyfat btw... thinking we are all obese pigs is little judgmental don't you think?

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  • Yeah I do think that have begun a downward spiral. Everything is turning into "if you want to do it, why not?" That's because there is no moral backbone, you're portrayed as a villian if you tell someone that something they're doing is wrong. Right now the mentality in America is "if you really want to do it, and it doesn't hurt anyone else, then go ahead and do it". And like you said, why would it stop with gay marriage? Why should polygamy be illegal if the parties all agree? Why should incest be illegal if the parties all agree? Why should anyone object to a man who wants to marry his pillow (this really happened in Japan)? How about drugs? Beastiality? Who is anyone to tell ANYONE what they should or shouldn't do with our body. I wholeheartedly disagree with this mindset, but that is what society believes and that's why things like gay marriage are accepted now, whereas they weren't even 10 years ago. Our society is definitely in a downward spiral and I'm not sure when or how it will stop. But one thing I see is that anyone who tries to stop it gets demonized, ostracized, and accused of being hateful. I agree with you that in 50 years society will not look like it does today, just like today it does not look like it did 50 years ago.

  • They love attacking uneducated, religious cuts like you. If you want to go by the it used to be illegal so where is the world heading argument. Let's put you back in the kitchen, take away your right to vote, allow your husband to beat you because you are his property. Yeah change is always bad, huh? Idiot

  • Umm... you do realize that incest has a higher level of risk towards genetic abnormalities in offsprings, and beastiality isn't really a "partnership based on mutual consent" considering animals can't SPEAK. Your extrapolation is incorrect, even if that's what the typical response is, trying to claim "but if we allow gays to marry, then pedophilia will be okay too!" ummm, no, they're kids incapable of making truly informed decisions regarding the matter.

    Homosexual marriages? Two same-sexed, adult and consenting people deciding that they would love to make a social pact as a verification of their planned life-long bond? Why the hell not?

    If there's a downward spiral here, it's that people are so opposed to others making decisions that aren't even harmful and just make them happier. I'm glad that eventually we'll grow out of petty things that stem from religion and tradition, including the sex-limitations on marriage but also gender stereotypes and the concepts of femininity and masculinity and beyond.

  • Here's how it should be:
    I fuck who I want.
    You fuck who you want.
    We both mind our own business and stop using the words of an ancient fucking book seriously, 2000 years down the track.
    Mind. Your. Own. Fucking. Business.
    The amount of people I've seen who have seemed so nice until they bring up this shit, about how gay marriage 'devalues' marriage. Oh sure, and the 72 day marriage between Kardashian and some other prick was somehow sacred?
    Let dudes fuck other dudes. Let chicks fuck other chicks. It's none of your fucking business.
    Sure being gay was illegal and resulted in death but like 150 years ago, you could beat the fucking shit out of women because they weren't really people.
    If you beat the shit out of a woman nowadays, you are sub-human. Seriously.
    And no, it has nothing to do with 'fitting in'. It has to do with being a judgmental CUNT. You have no idea how much of a turn off it is when a chick starts going on about how gays aren't really people. It's like turning the switch OFF and then breaking it out of the wall.
    This has nothing to do with how gay supporters attack people who oppose them. This has to be with you being a cruel fucking cunt because of some ancient book written by ancient people FOR ancient people.

    I'm not gay but I get passionately furious at people who think they're so fucking moral because they believe in god. Guess what, sister.
    God isn't fucking real. It's a belief system to provide support for people so they have a reason to live. If you have a computer, you don't need god.
    You make me fucking sick.

    • You make ME uneasy with your hateful words. :) Never once did I say I hate gay people or that we should kill them off or that they are not human, did I?

      You're just putting horns on my head and calling me the devil.

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    • He hates people for being judgmental. Because you can see what a tolerant, non judgmental person he is, clearly.

    • Also the opinion owner admitted he wants to normalize bestiality in his first response here

  • Go educate yourself on the concept of informed consent before you start equating homosexuality with bestiality and incest, I'm a bit surprised you forgot to compare it to pedophilia as well... those are the triumvirate of erroneous conservative comparisons to gay sex.

    • Why is everyone missing the point? I'm saying that in the future our minds may change on what we believe is right or wrong and giving beastality and incest as examples. People seem to love to pick and choose what they read ad ammunition to hate people with. People just love to hate others. Never did I say I hate gay people.

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    • It's on my mind because everyone is hating me here! Don't you see that?

    • *bestiality (that's actually how it's spelt)

  • Ignoring the fact that I also oppose your views, yes, within the next 50 or so years it will be nearly completely accepted, at least in North America.

    Gross is not a valid reason for making something illegal. Everyone has different opinions on the matter.

    Beastiality I view as a form of animal abuse which is why I think it should be illegal. Children born from incest have severe handicaps as a result of it and you can't force people to be steralize themselves in order to be together. And lastly pedophilia makes a victim out of the child (ren) involved.

    In the above cases there's always a victim, potential victim, or inequality of rights in there somewhere.

  • No I don't believe we go into a downward spiral support same sex marriage.
    Sexuality is not a choice. It's genetically predetermined. I understand people
    who oppose this. But it's discrimination pure and simple. I'll win that case every
    time when it gors to court. If we allow this to continue, what's next? Not allowing
    tall bald headed brown eyed men not being allowed to marry petite blonde women?
    Think it couldn't happen? Let's see there was the extermination of the Jews under Hitler.
    Untold thousand of murders in Iran under the Ayatollah Khomeini and many other examples.
    No, society won't be on a slippery slope when this happens. It's high time in my opinion,

  • Yes, everyone is going to start having sex with animals and their relatives, and Yahweh an Iron age God of war is going to smite us all for allowing people to marry who they love instead of stoning them to death like they did in ancient Israel.

    Run for your Heterosexual lives!!

  • I've never agreed nor liked gays nor will I ever and I agree it needs to be stopped before it's to late same goes for a lot of other things.

    • Thank you for agreeing with me in part. :) However, personally I don't dislike people who are gay, I just severely disagree with their lifestyle.

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    • Ok you two break it up we are more civilized then that.

    • Parentally they aren't.

  • Yes, because it opens other doors for approving other controversial issues deemed immoral.

    Like mentioned in a previous post, gay marriage was deemed taboo at one point (actually fairly recently), however, gradual changes in views overtime have turned something immoral into something acceptable.

    Who is to say sex between adults and minors, sex with animals, public nudity, cannibalism, and even rape will not someday be just as acceptable. Some may say that animals have sex with other animals without consent, so why should humans have to gain consent? They may say, "sex is only natural!"

    I am just applying a concept here, that something wrong can very well become right overtime.

    • Yes! :D I agree with you! Finally someone that agrees with me in some way. Gives me a bit of relief from all the spawned hate that I should have been prepared for since my way of thinking seems completely out the window in today's society.

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    • ... another example I can use is the cartoon Looney Tunes. Remember one of the characters drew a line in the sand and the other crossed over it? Then another line was drawn, and that one was crossed, and so on and so on until the line crosser fell off the cliff? The question is, where do we draw the final line as to what is acceptable or not before we fall off the cliff?

    • Oh my goodness! :D I totally understand and agree with you! That is a great example, Sir!

  • The big battle will be over polygamy. And it will have nothing to do with ethics and everything to do with money.

    • Yup... the lack of tax revenue the government will make will keep legally recognized polygamy (as in multiple wives for one man) from ever being legally recognized.

  • What people don't understand, is that they are not being forced to do anything. You don't like gay marriage? Don't be gay. You don't like incest? Don't fuck your sister. You don't like abortion? Don't do abortion. It's not hard. I don't like any of those things, but I'm not going to run around protesting, saying that others shouldn't be able to do those things because I believe they're wrong. Let people do what they do.

    • EXACTLY!!! EXACTLY! People should be able to do what they want to do. Mind your own business.

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    • Because these people don't like religion anymore, it gets in their way. I'm a Muslim and what I say is just leave them. They are not hurting me by hurting themselves. If they don't think they're hurting themselves then it's on them. The majority wins, not because they are necessary right, but because they are physically stronger. If the non believers take over this world, I will still believe because my faith is as immovable as the force that they push. So you can stand up try to walk and fall, or you can stand up, hold your ground, and not care who falls because you're still standing.

    • Thank you. That was actually really uplifting to read. :) It makes me feel a lot better now. :)

  • Did we start a downward spiral by allowing interracial marriage? Or how about requiring an age of consent? Or freeing slaves? Or wearing pants with zippers? The slippery slope argument goes both ways and anyone who wants to limit what people can do with their bodies is against freedom. That is dangerous because if we live in a free society people can do what they want or not do things as they please. Once we keep giving more power to the few though they get greedy and start legislating stuff that you guys want to be able to do like have Guns as well. So would you rather be free to choose what to do or lose all your rights just so the gays don't have their way. And before anyone calls me a stupid liberal I am a libertarian.

  • Two legal adults consenting to sex and love for one another... how does this affect you so much?

    Nothing wrong with being a traditionalist but imposing your views to control other people's lives when it doesn't affect u... is evil and wrong.

    • Ah. So you believe all governments are evil and wrong, and you also believe that Democrats are evil and wrong. After all, imposing your views to control other people's lives...

    • What other basis does the asker have for her opinions on homosexuality besides:

      1) religion

      2) her simply not liking homosexuality

  • Homophobia is not a real thing. There is no fear. Nothing to be afraid of. You are just being ignorant.

    If people want to get all religious on the topic, if that's what you believe, then you are going to hell. Cos pretty sure one of the commandments is "treat others as you wish to be treated"

    Society has evolved. Religion needs to as well.

  • At first I was intrigued by the possibilities of this question, but nope.
    Making gay marriage legal isn't really going to change what people shag.

  • No, it was about time. First it was the racial equality movement, now it's this. It's time we all learned tolerance.

  • Asker presented a nearly complete paper demonstrating nearly all kinds of fallacies he could use.

  • for me only one counts. less men looking for girls = more girls for me. less woman looking for boys = catastrophe haha. don't take me to serious

  • It's part of a movement away from values, including marriage, that helped make the United States great.

    • Though I would correct you... I doubt it will take 50 years for incest to become legal, or polygamy. I mean, really, how can anyone who supports homosexual marriage argue against it?

  • That's an interesting show about the subject. it has English subtitles
    First part: www. youtube. com/watch? v=Ah47AdNZYeM
    Second part: www. youtube. com/watch? v=NaQnmiVpHH4

  • Thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and Rome it was okay for men to have sex with other men and have intimate relations with the same sex, but for some reason civilization downgraded to having hate for people who did these things. Really I don't know why people don't just accept it anymore. People who protest against same sex marriage are not going to change anything, so why don't they just stop trying? I am all for people having their own opinions, but homophobes really can't change what's happening and need to realize that what they think isn't helping anyone. I don't want to sound to harsh, but I really can't comprehend what goes through some of these peoples minds. Just let men get married to men and women get married to women. Chances are it's not going to greatly affect your life. Just sayin'.

    • The Romans had exactly one queer marriage in their history, between Nero and some boy, and it was a matter of scandal and taken as a sign of decadence

    • The stories aabout Nero (and other 'decadent' emperors) were written by Suetonius in "12 Emperors" Suetonius is about as trustworthy as a cheap tabloid. He wrote what his emperor''s clique liked to be spread.
      He was also the one who wrote that Julius Caesar was 'a man with the women and a woman with the men'.

    • Why do you think the Roman Empire was destroyed? Sin is never rewarded.

  • Money. It's all about money. If you can accept that gay marriage is OK, certain money problems arise, both legally, and illegally

  • You seriously have no sense of the world if you think things like the acceptance of homosexuality relate in any way to bestiality. People have this massive fear of things that they either don't know, or things that aren't like them. You don't have to like gay people or adopt their lifestyle, but dictating what they can and can't do is entirely against the whole "land of the free" idea.

    I used to be more tactful with these sort of things, but I've ran into plenty of fools like yourself that my tact has pretty much been dried up. You see things that aren't part of your way of life as being inferior, immoral, unnatural, or whatever else you've tried to convince yourself of. Furthermore, there are even people like you in positions where they have the authority to determine the outcome to these sort of things, which is both sad and frightening. You're essentially trying to turn the whole country into a playground- if you don't like what someone else is doing, you go and tell the teacher in hopes that they'll stop doing whatever it is you don't like.

    Gay people aren't dangerous, their morals/beliefs/etc. aren't going to suddenly change you or anyone else into something different, you're using a straw man argument to go from current social issues to really bizarre and unrelated topics in order to help further your message.

    People were killed for being gay or stoned for displaying immoral behavior by *gasp* none other than religious authorities of the time. Society has grown, developed, advanced, and shed our need for that type of religion long ago (and thankfully so). We changed from being scared animals willing to accept any and all mandates from a religious authority in order to protect our fragile reality. Even today, people are realizing what kind of dangers this sort of hateful perspectives really do when they come from religious pretenses.

    And you know who is showing them and swaying them AWAY from that hatefulness? None other than people like yourself ;)

    • And just to add, HUMANS and SOCIETY have deemed homosexuality as unnatural and not to be tolerated. If it were unnatural, it would not keep appearing throughout the times in people who are born from heterosexual couples. It is by no means a majority of any animal population, but that doesn't mean it needs to be snuffed out by crazies who wish to instill their morals and beliefs into everyone in the world.

    • totally agree with this.

    • @update, I'm not a "gay supporter"... I'm a "keep out of other people's lives" supporter. I'd also like to say that it's very easy for you to spout all this stuff on the internet, where you're mostly anonymous and don't have to face the human consequence of your bigotry. I've seen people who were MORE radical with their hateful views than you are in front of the very group of people they oppose, and they folded like a lawn chair.

      People in our society these days like to segregate themselves AND THEN start forming opinions of people outside of their little bubble. Knowing that these opinions don't come from anywhere other than fear of the unknown, as well as them being reinforced by self-isolation, makes bigots in today's world easy (in theory) to ignore.

  • I'm really just trying to see where you're trying to come from on this one. Is there a problem with homosexuals? Or are you worried that bestiality and incest could be accepted in the future?

    • Both.

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    • What everyone wants is me and everyone who oppose gay marriage is to "see from their side." Why do the ones who ask not do the same? But they rather just hate and non-literally kill people who don't think their way.

      I did not once say I hated gay people and they should fudge off or get over themselves or something. But their supporters easily say that to me simply in the comments here.

    • Sorry for the ambiguity, the last sentence was not an attack on you. I personally want to hear your opinion. You can believe what you want.

      You're kind of screwed now though. You're going to get virtually killed on this one. I hope you feel attacked by me. I just want to hear your argument and stuff.

  • Morals and how you grow up.

    though my idea on love (Two mature people who stay together even after the chemical induced love fades) would completely void your argument given that a dog cannot have an actual mature relationship with a human being as they cannot talk on any level that we consider intellectual.

    • What about incest? They are two (maybe mature) human beings.

    • I am completely okay with it.

      Had a few incestual thoughts myself, really really like one of my cousins. Gorgeous, insanely mature and responsible...

      I decided not to tell her of my feelings. Felt she woulda been weirded out.

  • Gay marriage = latest step in male liberation

    when prostitution is legal, we get even more options :-)

    then there's womb tech, sexbots

    future looks good for men :-)

    • Yay, male power. Yay, let's make women into sex slaves. Yay.

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    • and how does that equal sex slavery? it doesnt. sexbot and womb tech dont involve women at all, as you can tell from the names!

      men dont think that women should be gotten rid of if men have no use for them. do women think that men should be gotten rid of if women ever have no use for them? LOOOL

    • the future will just give men more options so they have alternatives to women :-)

      but women dont have to die if they dont want to ;-)

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  • Gay marriage = two consenting adults who love each other and want to commit to each other in the form of marriage.
    Beastiality = a person who takes advantage of an animal (sexually). The animal cannot consent. The animal doesn't understand marriage.
    You can't even compare the two. One is about two consenting adults, the other one is about one human and one animal, where the animal most likely doesn't understand the situation and is unable to consent fully because of it.
    Are phones natural? Are TVs natural? Are cars natural? Is the internet natural? Do they grow on trees, or in the ground? Do they just appear randomly? What is natural? What is unnatural? And most importantly, who are YOU to decide what's "natural" and "unnatural"? Homosexuality or homosexual tendencies exists in other animals too. Which means, it's not a man-made concept. Which in turn means that it's something natural.
    "Being gay was illegal" Yeah, and so was interracial marriage. And women's right to vote. Thank god we aren't as closed-minded as we used to be.

  • This is what we call a combination of a slippery slope and a false analogy in the world of: "Holy shit you are really bad at arguing." Sex with animals will never be comparable to that of sex between two consenting adults. Because morality in sex comes down to two things:
    A) Is that person capable of consent?
    B) Do they consent?
    In the same time period from which things have "changed so much" you would have been flogged for even opening your mouth on any issue merely for being a female. You're not forced to like gay people, and people are not forced to like you in spite of your view on the what should be a non-issue. What is your definition of being "natural"? Plenty of animals engage in homosexual behavior, and people in the LGBT community are no more or less likely to be positive members of society than anyone else. It's not like a psychological issue which can prohibit you from engaging in day to day activities without some major upset. Is it the old procreation argument again? Yawn. Who cares? I'd sooner leave my kid to a gay couple than a religious zealot, other people feel differently. Trying to stop them with legislation doesn't actually make them not gay. It's okay for you to think something is weird or gross for you personally without wanting to make it illegal/unacceptable for other people. I think BDSM is terrifying and Polyamory would make me want to shoot myself, I still don't take issue with people who are into it.

    Tl;Dr: Get over yourself, and please google what a fallacy is for God's sake.

    • So you just compared humans to animals since animals do gay things naturally. Do you think that's right?

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    • I am in homosexual love with you right now, CommieDearest. <3

    • I always knew I'd be good with women if I ever gave it a shot. Score.

  • I agree with you completely :) but there are other factors that also play into this. A great many religious have the stance that you do what you want, and I'll do what I want - they're completely fine with there being homosexuality. What they don't want is to have to validate those actions, and why should they? If two men are having sex together next door, that's none of my business, but how is it their right to come into my house and tell me I have to tell them they're perfectly right in their actions or I myself am the one with the problem? It's estimated that, through lawsuits and the landslide of repercussions, nationally legalized homosexual marriages would result in 2/3 of religious organizations being closed within the first ten years. Some would probably say "good" to that fact, but our nation was founded on religious principles and ideas. It provides our moral compass. If you take that guide away, whether you agree with it personally or not, what is left to determine right and wrong in our culture? That's a very slippery slope to set on.

    • I actually gasped that you agree with me! :D I was having a rather nasty conversation with Dbt25677 and it's just breaking my heart over how disrespectful people can be to others that are religious. :(

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    • I find it ironic how we're attacked for not "[respecting] other peoples' choices or freedoms" what that's exactly what you're doing to us, except we're being forced to validate your actions while you deny us even "calm, polite" replies. It's not remotely hateful to state that what someone else is doing you consider to be wrong. It is, however, hateful and discriminatory that we are then attacked and labeled for those beliefs. That's an extreme double standard, but, then, naturally you're going to disagree with this as the nature of it is to merely see one side. As for laying down and saying nothing, is that not what you're expecting, and demanding, we do?

      While homosexuality is a sin, that does not mean that we hate the gays. We hate what they do, we hate the sin, but we love them as individuals very much.

    • Yes, you can have a moral compass without being religious - I never said otherwise. I said that religion gives us the standard for that compass. Those who are not of faith yet have strong morals, more often than not, they are or were closely connected to a religion at some point in time. That is what defined their moral standings. The farther you get away from that in commonality, the more the line between right and wrong fades.

  • I see your point.
    First off, for centuries slavery was an accepted practice. But, along came some truly radical people that said, "This is wrong!" and, "The practice must be stopped!" Eventually this way of thinking grew and spread until the government was pressed to do something about it and, you know what, seeing the way the nation was headed, they sided with the radicals. It was rough going at first, but it was eventually accepted and made a lot of people happy.
    Not long after this little shift, some more radicals began wondering why these former slaves and their descendants, who they came to realize were equals to themselves, we're treated as being lesser than human. They raised their voices and, again, after a period of time their ideas spread as others were enlightened. As with the last movement, there was much struggle between the two sides and violence erupted at times, but, paralleling the previous happening, the oppressed people eventually gained full access to their freedom. Opposition was still out there, but waning. In the end, this step eventually made an immense amount of people happy (again).
    Years beyond this, our society was faced yet another radical movement (curse those free-thinkers). The silly hippies wanted same-gendered couples to marry! For years, these people had been frowned upon and oppressed like those before them and were met with fierce adversaries who threw whatever they could at them, even a set of beliefs that may only be held by a certain percent of the nation. It was a hard battle, but, as history tends to repeat itself, the radicals gained support and began to make the necessary changes to bring the society even more happiness. We may be in a tumultuous time and plenty are still in opposition to this "radical" idea, but change and acceptance takes time.
    I now beg if you this question: Is something so wrong if it has the potential to bring so much happiness (or at least ease) to a society?

    • I'd elaborate further, but I doubt the community wishes to slog through (or try scrolling past) an essay, so I'll just leave everyone with this final thought: If you desire to be opposed to others' opinions, please accept that they will be opposed to yours. The nation was, after all, built on several principles, the freedom to hold and voice your own opinion being one of them. Debate helps to make society go on and move ever closer towards much desired (yet unreachable) perfection. I thank you for sharing your views of the situation, and I hope that you thank me for sharing my own.

    • (And sorry if I didn't make this obvious when I wrote that last night (I thought I did at the time, but guess not. Super sorry) but I am in FULL SUPPORT of gay rights/marriage.)

  • No i don't see that happening.
    For a few reasons, the first being that bestiality is illegal under animal abuse laws, not human rights ones. And incest has a high risk of congenital disorders, death and disability in the children such relationships produce.
    Both situations are considered socially taboos, and in that regard i can understand why you might assume that gay relationships which were also once unaccepted, might be the start of an acceptance of more taboo activity.
    But i wouldn't be so quick to categorize everything that was once prohibited as the same thing or as wrong based on history.
    Not so long ago people from different races weren't legally able to get married as it was against the law. But luckily our ideas about relationships have changed.
    I feel like gay marriage is the same thing, a relationship that was once denied is now able (or at least getting there) to be accepted by the larger portion of society and it will not result in chaos.

    I respect your right to your opinion, if you don't like the idea of homosexuality well that's your choice. I'm not trying to change your mind or offend you. You may not believe it, especially because of your comments about everyone just going along with it to be nice, but i can think for myself and make up my own mind. You asked for my opinion, and i honestly see a better future with the acceptance of gay marriage. For me it's simply a case of believing in equality and tolerance.

  • Because fucking a creature that is incapable of consent is exactly the same as two sentient beings making a mutual decision.

    Because fucking a child that is incapable of consent and has no understanding of sex is exactly the same as two sentient beings making a mutual decision.

    Because fucking a family member that may result in horrid mutations is exactly the same as two sentient beings making a mutual decision.

    People were deemed witches for using herbs i. e. medicine and a lot got murdered for it in the older days. Why aren't you against medicine as well? What about flying? Humans aren't meant to fly, so where are your banners to picket airports?

    Sweetie, you're welcome to and have the right to your opinion. Nobody is taking that away from you. But if you're going to argue your bigotry, at least try not to use cliches and logical fallacies. :3

  • I think that I understand what it is that you're trying to say about the laws about marriage and acceptable sexual behavior becoming more lax with the majority of people accepting that gay people have the rights of any straight person. But I fail to see how you can compare the act of two loving, consenting, and caring people coming together in a relationship with something like abusing a helpless animal for your own sexual gratification (because I am not familiar with the practices of bestiality I say abuse because I've never heard of an animal having sex with a human in the wild and therefore assume that these animals must be trained and encouraged to engage in the behavior, they are animals and their owners are normally held responsible for their behaviors). I mean, you're basically saying that if we accept gay relationships as deserving of the same rights as straight ones we should just say that anyone who is having sex together is married and deserving of marriage. Following that slippery slope logic you would think that we will eventually stop prosecuting rapists as long as the victim was drugged or knocked out or (God forbid) a child, because well, "it was just like having sex with a dog" in the way that there was one consenting party and the other was unaware of what was actually happening.
    I do not think that just because we are moving towards the acceptance of all consenting adult relationships that we will accept bestiality and rape or anything else that I assume you also worry about. I'm not going to go off on you and say that you're stupid or close minded like I might want to because I have gay friends who have been victimized by those who share your views, but I will say that you may want to consider understanding them and their relationships. Most are in stable and loving relationships just like one that you might have now or in the future. And maybe if you don't want to be attacked for your beliefs with fallacious arguments. Just a thought.

  • Look you say that non-supporters are being attacked. Well you are doing the same with the supporters of gay marriage. So don't consider yourself a victim. I am not trying to attack you, what I am saying is this is a sensitive topic and you know that. There are people here who maybe are gay, or some who have gay relatives and you are basically saying they should die or you compare loving a person with the same gender with bestiality and incest.
    Incest, bestiality, child molestation, rape, murder can all be done with love, but it's way exaggerated to compare to gay marriage, as this one isn't harmful. It does not hurt you physically, it does not involve you , you're not obligated to watch them.
    Everyone has their beliefs and I totally get that. I believe in God and pray, but I have no problem with homosexuality as it does not do my life any harm. I've been told I am going to hell for supporting or having no problem with it, well fine. I just think that even if you don't agree with it, may at least ignore it. Ignoring it won't mean you do something wrong. It's their lives, their decisions. If it happens for your child to be gay, you won't kill him right? It's you child, which you love. Being gay is not a disease.
    I understand all you said above, but bestiality and incest, like the others I mentioned, won't be legalized due to many reasons and you know that. Incest is banned mostly because if a child resulted in that, there could be serious health problems for the child, which is why it's banned, amongst other reasons. Murder, bestiality, rape, child molestation are for sure not gonna be allowed. There are people who do it without others knowing and they will pay of course, but you cannot possibly consider gay marriage a crime since the partners are in a mutual relationship , both consenting and harming no one. It's all I am saying :)

    • Just commenting on your first point. Have you seen the hateful thongs people have daid to me here? Did I once say I hate gay people and for them to fudge off or die or they are not human? And yet, people say that to me! How is that justified?

    • I've seen. I never attack and tell a person who doesn't support gay marriage to die, because it's their opinion. But people are mean. Believe me. And peole who support it are attacked to, but I guess less than the ones who don't because people who don't are considered narrow minded or mean. Which I don't think is the case. Having your beliefs doesn't mean you're narrow minded. In general I've seen people who said they should die or be tortured or shipped to an island. You shouldn't let those things affect you :)

  • Oh poor little you. Are the bad men getting married to each other, expressing love, and you are terrified of it? Why don't you just suck it up princess. You can't compare love between two grown individuals, to taking advantage of animals or children, where the fuck is your brain? Actually I feel sorry for you, poor little ignorant dickhead you turned out to be. Probably your mommy and daddys fault, for reaching you all that hate.
    You seriously think your would is better than mine? In yours, only male/female love is real love, and if people are born wrong, they should be stoned, or what you where saying. And in my world, people can love whatever grown (human) individual they wan't. Everyone are acceptant, gay or straight. No one is getting beat up or killed, for being born.
    Why don't you just go home and being hateful, the world is involving, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    • What are you being right now? Extremely hateful and mean! No one is understanding my point!

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    • You did give an example, about gay people being stoned once (or dying in another way..) like that was one of the reasons, for gays not to get married.

    • I gave that as an example of how our views have changed. And did I not say that was drastic? Apparently people like to just pick and choose what they read. :)

  • Highly doubt the future you so horrifically envision will come to pass. The difference between gay marriage and bestiality is that a dog cannot give legal consent whilst two gay men can give consent. because they are human, and they are adults. Incest is illegal in many countries because of the increased risk for genetic defects amongst offspring. Please do not attempt to incorporate far-flung ideas like bestiality because it's not a legitimate argument against gay marriage. Being gay is totally natural; in fact, nearly 1500 species display what we term to be "homosexual" behaviour. Nature has no problem with gays, so why should you?
    And really, gays are going to ruin society? No, humans are already ruining society. Intolerance, greed, and hatred are what's ruining society, and it can only be salvaged by love and acceptance of each other. No one is saying YOU have to be gay, because whether gay marriage being legal has no direct influence on YOU or your life. Live and let live.

  • Because gay people are engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship where they both consent and love each other. Beastiality (and I'm disgusted you would compare it to homosexuality) is the abuse if an animal. That animal cannot give it's consent to engage in intercourse and so it's completely different situation. Why are you so against gay marriage? How is it detrimental to our society? Lots and lots of things used to be illegal, but thankfully the judicial system is something which changes with social attitudes and acceptance.

    • What about incest, should that be accepted if it's consensual?

      I'm just saying being gay is unnatural and beastality is unnatural too. In the future who knows, we might just accept anything that's unnatural, like being able to marry a car or a horse.

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    • And I related homosexuality to a disease because we were discussing its recurrence in nature :)
      An abnormality is something that is rare. So your little smiley faced attempt at twisting my words failed :)
      And just because something isn't natural doesn't mean it shouldn't be. What about in-vitro fertilization? Prosthetic legs? Flying in an airplane?
      75% of the food products we consume, which are chemically engineered? Yeah hun if you want to use the "natural" argument, maybe learn something? Educate your self.
      The only reason you don't like homosexuality is because a book says its bad. You know what else that book says? That non-virgins should be stoned to death, theifs should have their hands cut off, etc. What's that? You think that those commandments don't count? Why? Because they sound mean to you? But you'll rally against gays with hate. Because you're not gay, therefore its so easy for you to hate homosexuality.
      Typica lack of empathy

  • I won't answer it completely because i don't have the time. this is a very broad topic to be discussed here as i said it before. and no it's not like you think liberation of a group will cause a Collapse. Bisexuality was free in the old Greece and they had a very more healthy society than Christian society, So liberation of a Natural sexual inclination is not what that causes collapse but again that freedom wasn't Gay marriage. Marriage is a structure and Gay marriage is a Structure against the natural structure of the society. And an unnatural structure in the basic structure of the society will cause damages whether it's created for freedom or not, but again it's related to how far they want to go with this liberation.

    The only thing we know now is that What we need is neither a Christian way to treat Gays nor a Modern way that is again Triggered by an emotional approach to see the society. Both are based on Dogma one a Religious Dogma that illogically calls Gays unnatural and despises them for their sexuality when they are not and that sexuality is their nature. Another, ones who without knowing anything about the structure of the society express themselves about this matter based a dogma about freedom, when they don't really know what is freedom and that Gays are not living out of the structure made by heterosexuals to primarily keep their own natural lifestyle and freedom.

    What we need is a Natural view based on tolerance with a logical definition of tolerance. Not Christianity, And not any other illogical emotional views.

  • Why are you assuming lgbtq relationships are unnatural? Your opinion has no basis in truth. Just because many societies have in the past reprimanded individuals for not conforming to their culture's norms does not mean they were correct in doing so. If it was, culture would never evolve. In its most basic form, you are arguing that being gay is an artificial orientation, man-made. If you are correct, then why have countless humans (and other creatures) been engaging in homosexual relationships since the dawn of time? Who would WANT to be discriminated against on purpose, honestly? Many lesser known cultures around the world have traditionally accepted gay union, and they continue to thrive. Bestiality is a whole other deal, and it makes no sense that you try and justify your hateful and uninformed attitude by presenting it.
    I would like to repeat the point that the culture you grew up in is not the culture we all grow up in, and it is narrow minded and ethnocentric to think your way is the only way. Tackling incest taboos, it has been demonized mainly because there is a belief that the offspring of such a coupling would be born incapacitated. In reality, there is a higher risk of a child being born with a deformity/disease when it comes from a woman in her 40's than from a mother who committed incest. That was a study done on first cousin couples. Remember, different cultures have different definitions for incest; are you against sibling, uncle/aunt, parent/child, cousin incest? Clarifying your position beforehand makes this easier.

  • i don't support it personally

    • So all she says is she doesn't support it and she gets a million downvotes? Good grief.

    • that's how it is. gotta lie to kick it.

  • I think all of this stems from you bigoted hatred for homosexuals. Anyway, I think incest is the true abomination, but if we accept gay marriage (which I do) then we must accept this right?
    But incest can result in mutated kids, so that argument is good enough IMO.

    And you are comparing loving another human to fucking a cow. Wow. All I gotta say.
    Get over yourself

    • Doesn't your god love all of his children anyway? He would be disappointed in your contempt and hatred for others

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    • I love humanity in general but, assholes should get a rude wake up call.

    • You are a ray of sunshine! :D Really!

  • Being black used to mean you have less rights. Being a woman used to mean you have less rights. Having dissenting ideas used to mean you have less rights.

    Fortunately, our society eventually "downward spiraled" towards an end of this, for the most part.

  • Incest used to be widely accepted. Especially among Royalty and Nobility.

    And following this same logical thread..

    Would society be better off if it were still racist to the degree it was in the past?

  • I'm not sure what I just read but it was definitely one of the most melodramatic and ignorant things I ever have.

  • Being gay is natural. Incest and beastiality isn't. We're never going to accept that.

    • Who are you to say that being gay is natural? It is one of the most unnatural things humans can do!

  • No homosexuality, bestiality and incest are not linked together at all. Homosexuality is just two people of the same gender being intimate with each other.
    Bestiality and incest are immoral.

  • Hey.. If people wanna be gay/lesbian then let them be.. Don't compare it it to humans mating with animals because that's completely different.. If they love each other (gay people) then let them be.. Not of your concern..

  • well actually it was a downward spiral since the beginning of time - I am neither against nor for gay or lesbian marriage either way you can do whatever the hell you want as long as you do not shove it down my throat. However, I do find homosexuality unnatural and over the course of years it has become like wearing the new black yes apparently everyone is gay or a lesbian nowadays - apparently if I did not have sex yet I must be a lesbian - jeez people are stupid - anyway there are over sensitive people here so to ask this question you took a chance - for one I do not give a damn if I am accepted in this society because as far as I can tell no one is - no matter where you go if you think differently or act a certain way - you are an outsider and not accepted into my domain...

    This is why I belive the world has spiraled out of control since the dawn of era:
    1. Religion apparently rules-they killed people just because someone used herbs to heal, ever watched the movie Agora - tells a lot of truth, not to mention the heliocentric theory was not accepted until 1980 - yea religion is truly an opium
    2. again with the religion here but in Islam it is accepting to marry a 50 year old man to a 15 year old girl now that makes you a fucking pedophile but this is normal and has been going on for nearly 1000 of years.
    3. Homosexuality has been know to be on the scene for nearly more than a 1000 years - people wanted more pleasure out of life so decided to know what it feels like to be with the same sex

    Once again, before someone goes eh tu brute, I am nor a supported or against it, I do not want to start a fuckin argument my opinion so please fuck of and refrain from talking to me unless you really thing about what I said

  • Every society is different.
    Ancient Egyptians thought it was ok for the pharaohs to marry their family members-but it was frowned upon outside of the royal family/regarding people of lower classes.
    I take it you are against gay marriage. Well, you have a right to your opinion even if I disagree with it.
    Beastiality is wrong because that is people taking unfair advantage of animals. & because they are a different species, plus think of all the germs and such from people doing such an awful thing like that to animals-the animals and/or the people could become very physically ill.
    I don't understand why some people are for incest, when of course you are going to be attracted and/or get along well with some people in your family because you share the same genetics!! Plus there is a higher chance of children of incest being very impaired because the genetics are so close. Also, sometimes relatives take advantage sexually of younger relatives: so in my opinion, incest is VERY immoral and wrong. In case of big age differences, there will be an imbalance of power usually.
    I think overall though that as long as 2 MUTUAL-consenting adults want to be together and respect each other and do not physically or mentally abuse each other, then let them have their happiness. I don't want to know if anyone I know supports incest because it's not something people freely will admit to other people.

  • Love is love okey? If two people wants to spend rest of lifes together let them!

    Gay or straight! After all we all are humans and we want love and be loved

    Im not saying just for I won't get hated or Im nice ITS WHAT I BELIEVE IN!

    Im all up for gay marriage! Its all about the love! <3

    And for you!

    ...('(...´...´... ¯~/'...')
    ...''...\... _.·´

    Have fucking nice day