If everything happens for a reason then what would this mean?

I keep having dreams about being in a relationship with a guy that has dark hair and eyes. I don't know who he is and in my dreams he is new to where I live. Last year when these dreams started a guy ended up having a crush on me but we never got together and if we did ot probably wouldn't have worked anyway. Then a year before that this boy had a crush on me which I would have never dated him anyway because he just got on my nerves and I didn't like him. And this week there was a guy he was from another country but he did speak English and he flirted and talked to me. He even tried to help me with meby giving some advice. This guy had dark hair and eyes andi liked him a lot but I don't know if I will ever see him again because I think I heard him say that he doesn't live here which doesn't make since because the place I saw him at was a military thing so one of your parents has to work there so I just guessed that they had just moved here or maybe not. This wasn't all that was in the dreams but this was what they were mostly about. Does this mean that I will be in a relationship soon?

Just so you know the other dreams had to do with school like getting better grades, making new friends, and just eating healthier and also gettung better at golf.


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  • It doesn't mean that, or maybe it does. Dreams involve the desires of people and maybe future events that may occur


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