How do you know you are with the one?

The one who should be your husband or wife. How do you know?

I am a bit older than my account says and the guy is in his 30s.

It moved into an exclusive relationship fast. No sex yet he is being patient with me because I'm not ready yet.

He is the one who asked for exclusivity.

Even though it's a month we've seen each other SO many times and talk every day.

It's scary, I feel like I've known him for so much longer. When I am with him I feel complete and happy like I am calm, can talk about anything. We talk very openly and easily with each other. It feels like we are on the same wavelength.

We both admitted that we jumped fast into our relationship but it just felt... natural.

We've met each others' close friends. We both have things in common and want a family.

I've dated many Mr. Wrongs. I just get this strong feeling like he's the one. It scares the hell out of me but I've never felt this way before and all the married or engaged folks I know say when you meet him you know.

Not seeing him for two days feels like an eternity. Not because of physical things just being around him. I can imagine him as the one I wake up with and tell everything to. It scares me that I feel this way but I've had many a lust situation and this is so different.

Could he be the one?


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  • if you can ask yourself the question could I spend the rest of my life with this person and this person only and be completely happy forever and you can answer it as well then you know who the one is.


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  • I'm not sure how I knew he's the one. I just sorta knew it. Even when we were just friends, every time I looked at him, I saw him as my future husband. I saw us having a family and growing old together. I even had to catch myself sometimes to stop myself from saying things like "Our wedding won't be that big" or "Our child is gonna be flipping talented." Haha don't wanna surprise him with those things!

    Anyway, I'm not sure how to explain it. Us being together forever just made sense.


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  • I think he might be. I feel the same about my bf. You just know... Deep inside


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