My friend is suddenly saying he is married?

I got in touch with one of my old guy friends. now lives in another city and I encountered him there. met him briefly as I was in a hurry and I totally forgot to take his phone number and other stuff.

I was never in love with my friend but now I think I have taken a liking to this guy.
I searched him on Facebook and have found him but he is very inactive on FB. He is in film industry, relatively popular.

He hasn't really spoken about his love life. But the people in his FB claim he has no girlfriend.
Whatever public parties he attends, he comes alone. And he acts like he is single.
Like when he is on job, I haven't heard or seen any women visiting him.

There was a video of him and a foreigner girl in which I also noticed that some foreigner girl was giving him a lot of attention and he was thoroughly enjoying it.
She even kissed him on his cheeks and he was quite happy.

All of a sudden on a radio show he claimed he is married!
For 2 years!
At first he skipped the question when he was asked if he single but later when asked again he paused for a while and said he is married!

I cannot believe this. He has never been spotted with any female. Whatever home photos I saw of him where of him alone. He acts like a single guy. Be it at home, beach or even at his workplace.
He is either with his friends. If he really has a wife, wouldn't she visit him at work or accompany him to the places he goes too?
Wouldn't she take pics with him too? He is in limelight so how can he hide his marriage for 2 years? Why would he hide?

He said nobody asked him and since he is not a big star, he didn't tell about his personal life. What type of excuse is this?
Even junior actors are open about their marital status.

He went to his hometown and he coincidently met his close female friend on the flight whom he started taking photos with. Even then his wife wasn't around.

How can anyone be ashamed of being married or showing his wife?
Is he lying?


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  • Let's hope he's not lying, then you can expect to be invited at his wedding. If he truly is well-known, then he's got enough juice to afford good champagne and cake. Excellent place to meet new cool people.


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  • The only way to know if he's lying I guess would be to ask him.