Letting my husband meet up with his ex. wrong move or not? will their feelings 4 each other come back? coz my mom thinks im stupd?

my bf and I are now married with a baby after 5yrs of being together.. he has a son from a previous relationship who is now 7yrs. old.. he wasn't in good terms with the mom... i came from a broken family but i still talk to my dad.. and i dont want him to be a bad father and instead be like my dad and try to reach out to his son... i contacted the girls sister using my husbands Facebook account pretending to be him and befriended the sister until she agreed into letting him see his son again after 6yrs... since the. mother was working abroad everything was kept a. secret from. the mom... im always there whenever. my husband meets up with his son and the kid. is clearly very happy to be in touch with his dad again and i know the feeling... just recently that the. mother came back. home that we agreed to lay low so the mother won't find out but she did eventually.. and started messaging my husband hateful. messages about he should stay away and just leave their son alone... well.. i responded pretending to be my husband and tried. to win his ex over by sayjng sorry and stuff (my husband knows all about it and he just lets. me. do it coz he couldnt care less really) she brought up their past problems which i answered based on how my husband answers when i ask. him those. stuffs.. and she forgave him and started. getting flirty and caring... oh by the way the girl. is. still. single but she has another. child from the guy he cheated. on my husband with. and has a new boyfriend now not the father of her second baby.. bottom. line is she is now ok with him seeing the kid.. out of. my curiousity. i set up a date for us to. meet me, my husbnd, the girl, their son and the girls bf.. that was. the first. time. they met again after.6yrs.. and it went well. better than expected.. it was a. relief. for. the. kid to. knowing he. doesn't have to. lie anymore..


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  • Sounds to me like that woman doesn't have a good moral compass in the first place. If she was flirty online, knowing he's married to you... I would NOT trust her to be alone with him. Keep a family affair... or it might just end up as "an affair".


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  • All of this sounds like one big ugly mess.
    Let the courts deal with this.

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