Do you think he is at it with other girls?

Me and this guy were close and we always spoke , he's known to be a player, and a few days before he gets engaged to another girl, he texted me saying 'I know it's bad but thinking of you turns me on.
When he got caught, he kept messaging me even when I didn't reply, he never gave up and kept sending me texts/emails saying sorry and how it was a mistake and he's moved on. And still wanted us to be friends.

A while later I then heard that his wife saw messages on his phone and they had an argument.

What do you think about this?


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  • Steer clear anonymous. Love triangles are toxic. Odd-man out always ends up holding the short end of the stick. Do you wanna find out how short that end is?

    And yeah, not to judge him or anyone here, but he has definitely done this before. Low character. Avoid him like the plague.


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