How do I tell my parents im getting married?

My boyfriend just proposed to me. How do I tell my
parents? or should we run off and get married. I really wanna tell my parents. I can't keep this a secret for long because my boyfriends parents already know. He proposed to me at a family gathering so that's why they already know. His mom already mad appointments at bridal stores and got me a decor. What should I do?


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  • Not get married, you're a child. Marriages before the age of 25 rarely last these days because people, especially women, want more than to be a spouse.

    Graduate, go to college (where you will likely meet more people to date), get a job and support yourself. Then get married and do all that other crap after you've grown up and figured out who you are.


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  • You're getting married at age 17? I hope you know what you're walking in to. I don't know what type of life experience you have; you may find your eyes open up to the reality of life, and to what marriage really is about.
    I'm not saying you're not ready, but you need to seriously consider what I wrote.

    • Oh, and why are you worried about how to tell your parents? Just tell them.
      Unless you know they'll object? If that's so, I can understand that. Look at all the comments on here.
      They'll find out sooner or later, and you have to tell them sooner or later even if it is abruptly. Best you tell them, then have them find out, or you'll lose a lot of trust with them.

  • Yeah if you aren't 18 I wouldn't even consider getting married. The divorce rate for couples who get married right out of, or while still attending highschool are nearly 100%.

    I would seriously have to suggest that the two of you stay together until you are both at least 20, and then decide.

    • And NEVER consider marrying someone who you have not lived with for at least a year. Not "we stay over at eachother's place all the time", but where the two of you live together, share the same bed, and manage finances together for at least a year.

    • my boyfriend is 21 im 17

    • Well you aren't at least 20. The added tension that moving in together creates needs to be dealt with and become "our home" before you add the even bigger strain of marriage.

  • If you are not 18 yet, then I don't think you can legally marry without your parents permission. I would tell them you plan on getting married, but then set the date years in the future, so your parents will assume you will change your mind, or be out of college by then. That way they won't take is as seriously and try to oppose you being with him. Maybe after they get use to the idea, you can then move the date without it being as big of a deal.


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