Why do bad boys like to turn good girls down?

Would bad boys/good girls relationships lead to marriage?

Any tips for good girls who were turned down by bad boys not to fall on again?

Why good boys have tendencies to go to bad girls?

When do good boys loose an interest in bad girls?


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  • 1) Bad boys turn down good girls to either get the girl to want them more, or so they continue being bad.

    2) Some relationships based on this do lead to marriages, some are successful. It does happen.

    3) Don't get attached to them until you are certain the relationship is secure.

    4) Simply put, opposites attract. And this answer applies to why good girls dig bad guys.

    5) Most good boys loose an interest in bad girls when the cops get called.

  • Bad boys have more tendency to compliment even on your error.

    And every girl loves to be complimented.Its who you are?

    Good guys will help you come over your errors and make you more than just yourself.

    But many girls don't understand this silly philosophy and admits themselves to bad guys.



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