What is the typical timeframe until one gets engaged if this applies to the couple? (Please see DETAILS for more information)?

- they are NOT against marriage
- the man is 33; the woman is 29
- they have been a couple for 4 years already
- both have stable jobs/income
- both are living together
- both don't have kids
- both never have been married

  • NOW! It's been 4 years. Why do you even wait so long?
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  • One more year
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  • 4 more years
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  • other (please elaborate)
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  • idk/wanna c results
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  • If I were you, I would get married now if you were ready. Only if you're both ready for the commitment which I believe you are. If not, then maybe wait another year or two to see how things turn out?


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  • If you don't know by now how you feel about each other, how will one more year or four more years make things clearer.


What Guys Said 1

  • I dont believe in marriage. But almost all people would go for Option A, I think.