What does he mean by saying this when he always does me favors and I just want to repay him?

When I asked my crush how I should pay him back, he tells me that I can repay him by : "Either a date... or your hand in marriage."

Of course it was a joke, but is there anything implied? I.e. "I do want to date you" or "dating you is the farthest thing from my mind and I want you to know that."


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  • There is a Ukrainian saying that goes like this: "In every joke there is a little joke". Get it? Often people say what they really think but for some reason do not think that it is appropriate to do so, hence they end the comment with "Just kidding!" or say it in a kidding manner. Right!

    • Wow that's pretty cool. But then not all jokes have a little joke do they? :)

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  • He wants to date you! You over thought this one wayyy too much if you thought he ment that he doesn't want to date you. He clearly said it. Next time he says that be like "well then why don't you make it happen?"