Older guys at work hitting on me but none in school? They also ask if I'm filipino then ask me out?

In school, I am known as the shy, quiet innocent girl. I'm a bit of a nerd because I get great grades and I don't party but I don't look like one. I don't have glasses, braces, dress up nicely, I've also had compliments constantly. I wear very minimal to no make up. I rarely get approached by guys, and I haven't been asked out. They don't full on hit on me.

At work, (I work at a local bakery) I wear a uniform, no makeup, and I'm a little less quiet (because I have to interact with customers). I put my hair up, which I think looks pretty terrible. Anyways, I've had guys who are in their late 20's ask me out. First, they ask if I'm filipino and if I have a bf. They full on hit on me and ask me out after I tell them I am and have no bf.


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I'm 22 but look about 16 which is why I find it odd.


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  • If people at school think you're a "nerd" they may not try much with you. It sounds like you're a cute girl though so guys outside of your school are showing interest. Maybe they like Filipino girls or are using it as an ice breaker.

    • besides the fact that i watchh science videos and get great grades I don't look like a nerd. Whats an ice breaker?

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    • Scared because you're an attractive girl I guess.

    • Oh okay

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  • Filipino looking for older men to marry is very common hence, the older men hitting on you.

    In school you just another girl, like half the students.

    • It's less than 10 years older. I look better in school though and I get told I look about 16 all the time. Why wouldn't that stop them from asking me out? .

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    • Hey, a horny guy can hit on girls anywhere... distasteful perhaps but it happens every day. Restaurants, bus stops, bars, at work you name it, anywhere.

    • Yeah true

  • they are pederasts :P

  • Go for it go out with co workers have some fun with them.

    • they are my customers lol

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  • Guys love younger girls.
    Guys your age, if you're not above attractive in appearance could careless.
    You're eye candy for older men because compared to women their age, you are hot!

    • I have gotten male attention in school but not to the point where they ask me out. I think I'm pretty attractive but I don't party smoke drink do drugs and I get good grades. I also barely talk to people. The age difference is about 5 years I'm 22 look 16 they're about 25-30

    • What do you mean could care less? I've had less attractive people get ask out

    • I also where a uniform so I don't know why I would be considered hot. I also look awful with my hair up and wear no makeup to work.