Why is my boyfriend talking about the future so much?

Next year I am graduating school and going to get a job. He is older than me by about ten years. He was divorced for a few years but doesn't have kids and said he would get married again. I told him I won't move in with a guy if I'm not married and that doesn't mean I'm saying marry me it just means those are my principles.

He says stuff like imagine how great it would be if you got the job in the city next year then we could live there together.

We've been dating almost two months but we've had many dates that lasted well over 12 hours and we talk all the time. Is this normal? He's not asking me to live with him now or anything but is this normal for a guy in his 30s?


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  • It sounds as though he is Serious about You, his Intentions for you and a Future with you are Serious, and he respects your wishes to see him and you as a couple Being together. And perhaps he even misses being married.
    He's been 'Divorced for a few years,' and is looking for someone to share his life with. And a man, not every man this age, is ready for Commitment, but right now he doesn't appear to have any problems with the Big "C."
    Give things more time, for you have both just started to get to know one another. Nurse and nurture what you have begun. Sometimes when things are moving too fast, it can turn in another direction, and you'll be wondering: "What happened, why is he doing this to me?"
    Feel things out. See where things go down the line. If he continues to be as honest and as dedicated as he is 'Next year,' then the both of you can discuss another route.
    And if that would be the case, I would have to say this 'Guy in his 30's,' is a keeper.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yes. Considering the fact that he is 10 years older, he is well ahead of you in terms of what he's looking for in life. He's in his 30's, he's not a young adult anymore. He's got his life together and wants to settle down and take things more seriously. Your age difference is something to consider based on what you want out of your life at the moment and what you're ready for.

  • It's normal for a guy that's in love... period.

    If a guy really loves you, he can see you in his future.

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