Tough conversations to have before engagement?

Help me come up with a list of topics to cover with your significant other before considering engagement, a la this article:
Because I like lists.


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  • 1) Who will handle the money? How will your budget be figured out? Do you both agree on how it will work? Who is the spender? Who is the saver?

    2) Kids. Do you want them? How many do you think you want? How soon do you think you want to try them?

    3) Where will you live? Near family? If so, whose? If not, where?

    4) How will you handle holidays? Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter are usually the biggest... you need to figure out how it will work.

    5) Sex. Who needs it more? How will you negotiate it?

    • Thanks for MH. I hope it wasn't just because I was the only one who answered.

    • Haha, well, as long as you're here, could you think of any more? Is it important to discuss how to care for aging parents? What do you think of prenups? They sound like a good idea to me.

    • The aging parent thing can be kinda put off depending on how old they are.

      I didn't do a prenup, but if you have assets you're worried about, it might be a good idea.

      It would be good to discuss whether you will stay at home with children or not... as a part of the child discussion.

      I can't stress the budgeting part enough. It worked for me for my wife and I to have 'play' money in the weekly budget (even if it's $20) that can be spent without discussing.. but doesn't harm your savings.

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