I want my boyfriend to propose VERY SOON... What do I do?

Realize that im not a bitch rather marriage is part of my religious belief and part of who i am And I respect those who choose not to get married

My man is amazing we're both about 30 in love happy and have discussed marriage many times. We've been together 2 years do not live together because I don't want to live together unless im married which he understands. He always, since the past 2 years, says things like when we Hey married. .. or about our future kids... I know he and I only want to marry each other


I don't want to wait to get married forever having all of these discussions...

I won't give him an ultimatum
I won't propose to him
I won't force him
I won't wait forever

so where does that put me? What can I do?


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  • So you dated two years without having sex, that is a long time for sure.

    I'll suggest you talk to him about it, if you can't talk to him about now, then you are not ready to get married. You simply ask his when do you want to get married, and then listen to his answer.

    • Great advice I Should have been clearer. He said when we're 30. Although now 31 is 1 month away so I seriously doubt he'll propose today and we'll get married in the next 20 days. I've asked him a year ago and he said soon?

    • Then use the usual female way of saying things. Talk about married and how much you are looking forward to it, how nice it will be etc., he'll get the hint, even if you don't it directly.

      If that doesn't work, then ask directly what are your planes/intentions, he has to give you some explanation.

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  • Not testing out living together before you get married? I wonder if that's one of the recommended steps for how to rush into a marriage where the people involved will rush for a divorce as well... anyways, he'll propose eventually if he feels it's the right time. If you don't want to propose, all you can do is make hints and hope for the best.

    • Arranged marriages, not for me but have highest success
      living together before marriage HIGHEST divorce rate over 80% failure

    • I am pretty sure that is because where arranged marriages are still acceptable and not a violation of human rights and freedom, divorces are much more severe and deemed socially unacceptable. Your statistics are flawed.

  • marriage is a compromise. this ain't burger king. you can't have it your way.

  • Propose to him...

  • Buy your own wedding ring, problem solved

    • Fine but how does that get HIM to ask me? Idc about a ring bit getting down on 1 knee and asking is FREE do wtf?

  • Well, guys have a lot of preconceptions when it comes to marriage, not the least of which involves a ring that is no small expense. We're feel we're expected to put out 5-10 grand (at least) for a ring without being judged negatively for it, not even just by our intended, but everyone else.

    Of course, If you don't particularly care about having a blood-wrought diamond on your hand, you can bring up the fact that it's becoming common for people to buy "ethical" engagement rings - or rings without diamonds, and how much you like that idea - it could help to spur things along.

    I wouldn't recommend trying anything underhanded like withdrawing from him hoping that fear of losing you will trigger him into taking action, because oftentimes that sort of thing can have the opposite of the intended effect.

    • Yes! Totally understandable except he has money in the bank around 50k and a good job and own house. I don't know im at a loss

    • Well, if he's not proposing to you, and he has no apparent reason not to, then it's probably because he's comfortable with things being the way that they are, at least for now. He clearly doesn't feel the urgency to get married that you do.

      You won't give him an ultimatum. you won't propose, and you won't wait forever (forever being an indeterminate amount of time, possibly a month, possibly ten years)

      That really only leaves you with one option. Wait, keep talking about getting married. Let him know you want to have kids. Keep dropping "hints" hoping that he'll do what you want him to do. If he doesn't, and you decide that you can wait no longer, then end the relationship. When you do, tell him it's because you have an ultimate goal of getting married and raising a family, and you don't feel he shares that goal.

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  • Sorry, can't justify impatience. I've tried that and every time only increased my problems. At least your BF keeps mentioning marriage (mine literally hates that word). I don't think there is anything to be worried about; it will happen sooner than later. I am like at least 5 years older to u, still i have no choice but to be patient, for the sake of my love. But I totally know what u r going through coz even I have similar beliefs about marriage.

    • I don't know how you do it I have a gray deal of respect for your strength! I will NEVER do this again. If im ever single again ill just mention early before any commitment is made that I expect an engagement within a year. Im old fashion

    • My sister would agree with u :) But my emotions are not in my control, i've finally found the perfect guy... so, he's my strength.

  • ... ANAL SEX

    • my little secret

    • Shit, no pun intended, if that was the answer id do it lol

    • Well played, although I cannot tell if that is a legitimate circumvention of the rules, haha.