Marriage counciling?

What is a good way for a wife to confront her husband she wants to go to marriage counciling even if she has to go by herself?


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  • There's nothing to "confront" about. You just say to him. "hey (hubby), I know things have been rough with us, and I feel I need help sorting them out... I'm going to go to see a counselor. If you'd like to go with me so we can work on this together, I'd love to have you go with me. If not, I'm still going to go see one and work on these things myself."

  • First, you don't confront. That's the road to loserville.

    You make it appealing to him. And the way to do that is to appeal to his masculinity, his need to provide for you, his need to be top dog in the house.

    If you presented it to him as something you would love, as a present. But make it sound impossibly difficult, like "we could never afford it, and we'd never find a good counsellor that you and I both liked talking to" and making it sound like a challenge, he is more likely to be invested in solving the problem. Men are inveterate problem solvers. (One of the many reasons men and women fight, because when women have a problem they often just the guy to listen, understand and empathise, and he's determined to solve it instead.)


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