What do you think about a marriage that begins on a mistrust?

This guy has cheated in the past, and he has loads of female friends.
His wife looked through his phone and they had a massive argument. So their marriage has basically started on a mistrust...
Do you think it will get worse? Or he will fix up?


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  • I always say this... once a cheater always a cheater... people don't change

    • And right you are

    • Yeah so if your marriage will suffer because of his cheating... then you know what you look forward to.

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  • I wouldn't push for a marriage until I was absolutely sure about trust, lest I'm already married. I think that a relationship's foundation is love and trust is derivative of love. Without trust, there can be no functioning relationship. So what I usually do is I would be attracted to a girl, but I wouldn't give in to her until I know full well what her beliefs are through her behaviour.

  • A marriage isn't destined to fail or succeed based on just one case like this, there's just too many things at play. That is a problem of trust and I'd definitely work on repairing the trust the guy likely lost in her, how well they do that will be a major factor in the survival of the marriage. It also seems like the wife needs to repair trust that she doesn't have in the husband.

    When neither people trust each other it takes a lot of work and dedication from both people to repair it, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

    • Well it's an indication.

    • True, but it's not a guarantee. No relationship is perfect, and for one to survive both people just have to work together through the problems. Rarely are problems themselves what end relationships, more likely it's from one party giving up on fixing the problems.

  • It will get worse if
    -he continues to fool around
    -she continues to look through his phone and mail


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