MEN...If you LOVE her will you...

Fight for her? Meaning if she breaks up with you or vice versa do you do everything in your power to get her back? If there is something she doesn't like do you do your best to make it right? If she wanted kids or marriage and you didn't if you loved her would you give her what she wanted? Things like this...Would you fight for the woman you love?


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  • If she breaks up with me, then no I will not fight for her. Why should I? It's juvenile for someone to test their partner by breaking up to see how much the other will fight for them. And anyone who decides I am not right for them will be respected, and I'll easily leave. Why bother fighting for someone who is ready to give you up?

    If there is something she doesn't like then yes, I will usually try to correct it or make it right.

    If I loved her but didn't want kids, and she did, then we are wrong for each other. And honestly, we'd probably already know we are screwed if one of us differs on something as huge as children. Compromise usually doesn't work in that situation.

    I will fight if there are good reasons to.

  • If my girlfriend broke up with me, I would not try and get her back no matter how much I love her. She has made the decision and I will respect that. The last thing I want is a girlfriend who doesn't want to be with me and no amount of fighting will change that.

    If she wanted marriage and kids then I would have to want the same things to. It would not be right to be forced into those situations just because the other part was whinging and moaning.

    The problem today is people don't realise we have a choice in things. This is supposed to be a world of equality and both parties (male and female) have to respect other peoples wishes, not whine and sulk when they don't get what they want.

    If I was with a girlfriend who whinged because she wanted marriage and kids and I was not giving it to her would not be worth my time simply because she would make my life hell. If any girl wanted to be with me she would have to understand that I have a choice in what goes in the relationship to and it's not all about her or myself. It's about being a team and loving and caring for each other.


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