Boyfriend's preference to de facto instead of marriage. What's the difference mentally between signing a marriage certificate or going de facto?

We only briefly brushed on the topic while discussing something else but this is what was said:


You should also know that I don't believe in the concept of marriage.

What aspect of it? The way I see marriage is making our love official on paper.

Largely due to the religious background as well as the whole official on paper thing. Emotion being defined by government as ink on paper is a sad thing


From what I've found online there isn't a need for a wedding to sign the marriage certificate. Some people have gone as little as meeting a celebrant in a park, signing the paperwork and done, they're married.

What difference would there be to doing the above and going de facto?

There'll be a trial period of at least 6 months before we make any major decisions but I just want to find out the difference of signing the paperwork for de facto and signing a marriage certificate without a wedding.
They're both 'Emotion being defined by government as ink on paper'. So what makes de facto better than marriage? (All messiness of breakups aside)


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  • At your age, there's about a 50% chance or more that any marriage will end in divorce. Possibly more, depending on your education level (the chances are better if you have more qualification).

    Marriage just leaves a bigger mess when it goes wrong.


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  • Divorce in America is culturally devastating to men financially... a man can lose a significant amounts of his assets,

    just because his wife wakes up one Day and says "I don't want to be married anymore".

  • I think he's spelled it out pretty clearly. He doesn't like religion. And he doesn't like government involvement. I can understand that.

    He doesn't want to sign anything. I think you misudnerstand that point.


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