I am an indian, I want to marry an American lady?

I am a cool Indian guy, looking for a American girl to marry me.
My friends would say that I have a great personality. I enjoy life.
I'm on here in hopes of finding someone special to share the rest of my life with. Someone who knows what it takes to keep a relationship alive. I do believe that respect. love. trust and an open communication than you can't fail.
I want to Love and be Loved.


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  • I think that what you want is a wonderful thing. But why on earth does she have to be American?
    I've noticed that a lot of Indian guys have been trying to hit on me and many other American girls.
    Just something that I have noticed and have always wondered, why American? What is wrong with the ladies over in India and other places of the world?

    • Indian women are too "family manufactured". They are raised on strict religious beliefs thats no fun for the men there. I'm going based on what I'm received from Indian people. Compare an indian lifestyle to an american. American lifestyles are free and fun while indian lifestyle is limited

    • Indian lady are also good, its depend on person to person. I like American lifestyle, I love every culture, it is indian, American or any other place in the world

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  • "I'm on here in hopes of finding someone special to share the rest of my life with". Really Indian?

    a healthy marriage needs years of knowing and spending time together in life. and you come online to find someone to marry. this fact along with the fact that you place your priority to foreign women shows that you are yet to understand the essence of marriage and family. you will not find someone this way, better not to.

    • No one knows where is there real love. Do you know the guy you love, or going to marry or already married with is the one you really love. Everyone search for there real love, there soul mate. I am also in search for her, this is one of the way I like, may be many people in this world like this, may be not. Its all depends on person to person.

    • It was easy to find that you don't know the meaning of marriage, now I know you don't know the meaning of love too.

    • its a free world, whatever you want to say you can say, from your post I can understand that you are very frustrated. Overcome this, you will find someone really special soon.

  • There are quite a few Indian guys looking for American girls. And a few have messaged me hoping I would instantly fall in live with them. Its good your cool. Dont get pushy like some of these guys. Be patient and realize she has a life whether u do or not. One guy failed to realize i have a life and if i didn't reply in the next 20 seconds he got mad. So advice is to go on an online dating site or visit America. Dont be pushy be cool. Be urself. Im sure u r a great guy and you can find an great American girl to be with. :)

  • Can you cook a decent curry? by the way im not american...

    • I can cook somewhat, as I am living alone so I know how to cook, not much :)

  • You're not the first Indian dude to ask for an American lady in gag forum.

    Try pof. com.

  • yo!

    You shouldn't limit your marriage to just an American girl. It sounds really silly and immature.

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    • Thanks Trance Sai, you are correct. Anyone in the world has there own rights to choose there life partner. Is this wrong I am choosing one by posting here? May be I am lucky and find one good lady whom I can share rest of my life

    • FYI I'm an American. And if you don't like my honest opinion then you shouldn't go for Americans because we are honest most of the time. I can tell that your personality don't fit us, and most of my friends (who is also American) don't go for Indians. Now I can see why.

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  • I think you might have come to the wrong place. You should try dating website instead of this, will yield much better result.

  • What is with this whole indian guy and western women thing? Being Indian has nothing to do with it. Just go for it.