Does the idea of marriage mean anything to you? Why or why not?

To be honest I don't really see a point in marriage whatsoever. Every time I think about it or the idea of starting a family it doesn't seem to interest me in the slightest. Chance of me even getting married or having a family are lower the than the chance of me liking guys. What about everyone else?


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  • I'm not that religious but I do not understand the need to get married if your not religious at least a little. Marriage definitely has always had some spiritual overtones in every society since cave men walked around. I don't care what kind it is, it can be some unknown tribal stuff, anything. I just don't understand the idea of a ring or paper that joins two people that says you and me, forever and no one else without some kind of spiritual overtones. Whether it be the God of the Wood, Wodin, Zeus, Horus, Zen Buddist or Jesus it should be something or it's just like a pinky swear or something. There is a certain tradition to it. If your not a traditionalist why act like it? Do whatever, it's totally your life.


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  • Marriage means nothing to me because a lot of times people act differently after they r marrued and sometimes i think guys r just pressured into it.

    • Yeah especially when it's about a baby. I can't count how many times I've seen this happen. I actually saw it once of a tv show call what would you do. Link to video: https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=MxMHqBCB8eM

      I was glad at least someone told him.

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  • Marriage is only a financial contract, and always has been.
    For the majority of men, it's the biggest mistake of their life.
    It normally works out like this :
    Men love women.
    Women love children.
    Children love guinea pigs.
    The guinea pig wins, no-one loves the man, and he pays for the lot.

  • Marriage obviously means more to some people then others. I'm in the same boat as you, I have no plans or intentions to get married, but like they always say, you should never say never.