My ex said he saw marriage in our future?

My ex and I dated for a while and I broke up with him for personal issues in my life. While we were dating, I had miscarried. After we broke up, he had said that he never saw children or marriage in his future so we just remained civil friends. A few days ago, he seemed upset when we were talking and I asked him what was wrong, and he just kept saying "We were supposed to get married." Now he says he has changed his mind about children and marriage, but he doesn't want to get back together. What am I supposed to do?


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  • Based on what you said I agree with tanzatiana, seems that he has no clue what he wants. But I guess first it is more importrant what you want. If you really have feelings for him and you could in general see a future with him, maybe it would be worth to explore why he changed his mind and what you think about it. Although I have to admit "we were supposed to get married." is not a convincing statement to me...

    • How is it not a convincing statement?

    • Well, obviously he changed his mind and it is not really convincing to me if you make this complete turnaround without any further explanation. He should know that this is coming out of the blue. Anyway, I think most important here is what you are up to...

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  • just leave him alone he's probably unsure of what he wants right now. thats something he has to figure out alone

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